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    What Does the Pope’s Support for Civil Unions Really Mean?It’s unclear whether he’s blurring the line against same-sex marriage or drawing it more clearly.
  2. religion
    Why Being Catholic Isn’t Special in Politics AnymoreJoe Biden isn’t appealing to Catholic tradition in his bid to become the second Catholic president. But that’s the American way.
  3. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: Biden Knows How to Make the Moral Case Against TrumpHe is doing it the right way — with feeling and a wounded sense of patriotism.
  4. catholic church
    Archbishop Claims Pope Francis Was Complicit in Cardinal’s AbusesA controversial archbishop has alleged that Pope Francis and other Vatican officials covered up and enabled a cardinal’s sexual misconduct.
  5. Francis’s Anti–Death Penalty Statement Raises Questions for U.S. ConservativesThe Pontiff officially puts the church at odds with Donald Trump and his party, along with some traditionalist Catholics on the Supreme Court.
  6. Evangelicals Have Displaced Catholics As the Anti-Abortion Movement’s BaseThe shift of white Evangelicals into the anti-abortion camp has had a lot to do with partisan polarization over abortion policy.
  7. Did Pope Francis Abolish Hell?The Vatican is equivocating about what Francis did and didn’t say, but it’s certainly reviving some very old debates about the afterlife.
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    Pope Francis Declares ‘The Lord Is an Onion’ After Vatican News Website HackIn the name of the father, the son, and the holy shallot.
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    Pope Francis Denounces Fake NewsA frequent target of misinformation asks his followers to promote a “journalism of peace.”
  10. U.S. Isolated on U.N. Security Council As Allies Condemn Trump Jerusalem ActionTrump has united the world all right: against the United States.
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    The Pope Looked Equally Pissed About Meeting Justin TrudeauPope Francis and the Canadian prime minster met at the Vatican on Monday.
  12. my big foreign trip
    Pope Francis Gives President Trump Some Pretty Pointed GiftsIncluding a copy of his 2015 encyclical on climate change and the environment — which Trump promised he’d read.
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    Pope Francis Didn’t Look Too Thrilled About Meeting Donald TrumpDonald Trump and Pope Francis posed for one extremely uncomfortable-looking photo in the Vatican.
  14. Callista Gingrich an Odd Vatican Ambassador for an Odd PresidentHer identification with two adulterous pols whose policies are deplored in the Vatican won’t make life easy for America’s new representative.
  15. Team Trump Is Launching a Frontal Assault on the EPAThe new administration is wasting no time in bringing down the hammer, with plans to gut key aspects of the agency’s work.
  16. The Pope Compares Media’s Love of Scandal to a Feces FetishThe pontiff wants reporters to avoid “the sickness of coprophilia.”
  17. international affairs
    Mother Teresa Is Now Officially a Catholic SaintThe megafamous charity worker was canonized by Pope Francis in a ceremony attended by tens of thousands at the Vatican on Sunday.
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    Mark Zuckerberg Gave the Pope a DroneIf that’s what you were planning to get Pope Francis for Christmas, you’re going to need a new plan.
  19. catholic church
    Pope Says Gays Deserve an Apology From ChurchHe was echoing a comment made by a German cardinal following the Orlando gay-club attack.
  20. field trips
    Bernie Sanders Meets With Pope FrancisFor five whole minutes.
  21. Bernie Sanders Brings His Populist Crusade to the VaticanThe world’s least-tired 74-year-old went straight from Thursday night’s debate to the pope’s stomping grounds.
  22. Bernie Sanders Will Bring His Campaign to the Vatican Next WeekThe democratic socialist will take time away from the New York primary to try to recruit some cardinals to the political revolution.
  23. Pope Calls for More Tolerance for Divorced, GaysHe also leaves open the possibility of divorced people being able to take Communion. 
  24. pope francis
    Car Used by Pope Francis in New York Sells for $300,000 at AuctionIt comes with 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels, an Alpine premium sound system, and a blessing from the archbishop.
  25. religion
    Bernie Sanders Outs Pope As Fellow SocialistThough this may be news to Pope Francis.
  26. religion
    From Zika to Trump: The Savvy Politics of Pope FrancisHe’s a PR master, walking a fine line between established Church doctrine and the wishful thinking of his fans.
  27. Southern Hostility to Francis Not About ReligionOld anti-Catholic traditions have all but died in the Deep South, but conservatives aren’t likely to back the views of a left-wing Latin American.
  28. trump cards
    GOP Candidates Reject Trump Attack, Tell Pope They’ll Decide Who’s ChristianQuestioning another man’s faith is “disgraceful” — unless he’s running against you.
  29. Pope Francis Says Donald Trump Is Not a ChristianDonald responds by saying that Francis will regret his remarks when ISIS destroys the Vatican.
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    Pope Francis Doesn’t Read His @-MentionsThe cool pope strikes again.
  31. pope police
    Vatican Police Arrest Two for Allegedly Leaking Secret Papal DocumentsHoly See PD.
  32. religion
    Let’s Be Honest: The Pope Probably Agrees With Kim Davis on Same-Sex MarriageLiberals are deluding themselves about Francis’s openness and radicalism. 
  33. equal rites
    Kim Davis’s Attorneys Claim She Secretly Met Pope FrancisThe Vatican has yet to confirm.
  34. pope francis
    Pope Francis Meets With Sex-Abuse Victims, Promises VigilanceSurvivor-group activists weren’t impressed.
  35. pope francis
    How New York City Celebrated Pope Francis’s VisitScenes from the crowds near the 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, and East Harlem. 
  36. papal visit
    The Best Social Media Images From Pope Francis’s Procession Through Central ParkSome 80,000 people were expected.
  37. the pope’s american adventure
    3rd-Graders School Pope Francis in East HarlemHe may be the holiest man on earth, but technology is not his thing. 
  38. Pope Francis at the 9/11 Memorial in 8 PicturesHe prayed at the 9/11 memorial, then took part in a multi-faith service at the museum.
  39. popepalooza
    Scenes From Pope Francis’s Arrival in New YorkThe streets were lined with protesters, vendors, and of course, throngs of believers.
  40. Pope Francis Is the Barack Obama of the PapacyHis speech to Congress sounded pretty familiar.
  41. pope’s american adventure
    Pope Francis Met With the Nuns Suing Over Obamacare“This is a sign, obviously, of support for them” in their legal case, said a Vatican spokesperson.
  42. pope’s american adventure
    Pope Gives First Official Mass in U.S.About 25,000 attended the historic ceremony. 
  43. popepalooza
    Lawmakers Practice Being Nice for Tomorrow’s Papal Address“We actually hope that we can show a little more decorum for the pope than we sometimes do at State of the Union addresses.”
  44. The Toughest Job in Washington? Being a Pope Francis Protestor Some victims of sexual abuse think Francis isn’t doing enough.
  45. papal visit
    Pope Francis Addresses U.S. BishopsAfter his visit to the White House and a parade in D.C., the pope spoke to bishops at the Cathedral of St. Matthew.
  46. papal visit
    The Pope’s White House Visit in 10 ImagesPope Francis goes to Washington.
  47. Americans Tell the Pope What They Want to HearA guide to special-interest pleadings for his blessing.
  48. A Primer for Pope Francis’s American AdventurePapal tourism 101. (Perhaps he’ll bless the gridlock his visit will cause.)
  49. pope francis
    Pope Francis Begins Trip to Cuba and U.S.Received as a hero in Havana for his role in improving U.S.-Cuban relations, the Latin American pontiff hopes to reenergize Cuba’s many Catholics.
  50. pope francis
    Pope Francis’s NYC Visit Is Going to Be a Logistical Nightmare The fact that it coincides with the U.N. General Assembly is only part of the problem.
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