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  1. Pope Francis at the 9/11 Memorial in 8 PicturesHe prayed at the 9/11 memorial, then took part in a multi-faith service at the museum.
  2. popepalooza
    Scenes From Pope Francis’s Arrival in New YorkThe streets were lined with protesters, vendors, and of course, throngs of believers.
  3. Pope Francis Is the Barack Obama of the PapacyHis speech to Congress sounded pretty familiar.
  4. pope’s american adventure
    Pope Francis Met With the Nuns Suing Over Obamacare“This is a sign, obviously, of support for them” in their legal case, said a Vatican spokesperson.
  5. pope’s american adventure
    Pope Gives First Official Mass in U.S.About 25,000 attended the historic ceremony. 
  6. popepalooza
    Lawmakers Practice Being Nice for Tomorrow’s Papal Address“We actually hope that we can show a little more decorum for the pope than we sometimes do at State of the Union addresses.”
  7. The Toughest Job in Washington? Being a Pope Francis Protestor Some victims of sexual abuse think Francis isn’t doing enough.
  8. papal visit
    Pope Francis Addresses U.S. BishopsAfter his visit to the White House and a parade in D.C., the pope spoke to bishops at the Cathedral of St. Matthew.
  9. papal visit
    The Pope’s White House Visit in 10 ImagesPope Francis goes to Washington.
  10. Americans Tell the Pope What They Want to HearA guide to special-interest pleadings for his blessing.
  11. A Primer for Pope Francis’s American AdventurePapal tourism 101. (Perhaps he’ll bless the gridlock his visit will cause.)
  12. pope francis
    Pope Francis Begins Trip to Cuba and U.S.Received as a hero in Havana for his role in improving U.S.-Cuban relations, the Latin American pontiff hopes to reenergize Cuba’s many Catholics.
  13. pope francis
    Pope Francis’s NYC Visit Is Going to Be a Logistical Nightmare The fact that it coincides with the U.N. General Assembly is only part of the problem.
  14. Pope Francis’s Refugee Morality PlayFrancis applies familiar Catholic values and waits for the world’s knees to buckle.
  15. really?
    People Are Selling Pope Tix on CraigslistHow does $3,000 for a pair sound?
  16. pope francis
    3,500 Cuban Prisoners Especially Excited for Pope Francis’s VisitBecause they’re getting released early.
  17. religion
    The Wily Political Strategy of Pope FrancisThe bipartisan pontiff likes to keep them guessing.
  18. The Pope’s Mass Chair Arrives in Madison Square GardenCardinal Timothy Dolan led the big reveal. 
  19. religion
    On Abortion, Pope Francis Undertakes a Revolutionary Act of CompassionThe pope’s incredible act of mercy also represents a more inclusive future for the Catholic Church.
  20. the pope
    The Popemobile Will Now Be Cruising Through Central ParkNew Yorkers can win tickets via a lottery to see Pope Francis there September 25.
  21. climate change
    Even the Pope Can’t Make de Blasio Run on TimeIn the mayor’s defense, however, he can’t control the weather — although the mayors assembled in Rome would like to.
  22. religion
    Pope Francis Says Weapons Manufacturers Shouldn’t Call Themselves ChristiansAnd says the Allies should have done more to stop the Holocaust.
  23. religion
    How Pope Francis Is Reclaiming the Meaning of ‘Pro-Life’The pontiff’s climate encyclical invoked the religious — and even radical — origins of a term that had become distorted by politics
  24. Pope Francis Balances Humility, Vatican OpulenceAt mass in Rome, the pope is a champion of equality, but his words do not always match with the realities and traditions of the Catholic Church.
  25. pope francis
    Pope Francis Still Upset About All the Pizza He Is Not EatingHe’s getting desperate. 
  26. The Worst Thing About Being Pope Is Not Going Out for PizzaAccording to Pope Francis. 
  27. lol
    Glenn Beck Wants to School the Pope on the Free MarketBecause Pope Francis is too much of a bleeding-heart liberal. 
  28. religion
    Pope Francis Says He Doesn’t Know Why God Lets Children SufferSorry, everyone. 
  29. je suis charlie
    Pope Francis Says Provocative Cartoons Are Like Insulting Someone’s MotherThinks there are limits on free speech.
  30. pope francis
    Pope Francis Appoints New Cardinals From Wherever He Feels LikeIncluding three countries that have never had a cardinal before.
  31. puppies!!!!!!
    Sorry, But Pope Francis Did Not Exactly Say That All Dogs Go to HeavenOr any pets, necessarily.
  32. man’s best friend
    Pope Confirms All Dogs Go to HeavenBest. Pope. Ever.
  33. holy see
    Pope Francis Even Believes the Best of ISISSo Christian, and, maybe, so naive.
  34. his holiness
    The Pope Is Coming!Well, maybe.
  35. bang
    Pope Francis Almost Backs Evolution, Big Bang TheoryGod, he says, is not “a magician with a magic wand.”
  36. shade
    Pope Francis Shades U.S. Over Prisons, Torture“A sentence of life is a hidden death penalty,” he said.
  37. early and awkward
    Bishop Asks Voters to Write In Dead CatholicsAs always, it’s about abortion.
  38. religion
    Adorable Old Couple Schools Pope Francis on the Joys of Sex“The audience of celibate men was a bit taken aback.”
  39. holy moly
    Pope Francis’s Skullcap Is Going for $120,000 (and Rising) on eBayProceeds supposedly go to charity.
  40. hallelujah
    Pope Francis Spent His Sunday Marrying Dirty Cohabiters and Other SinnersDidn’t stop anyone from wearing a white dress.
  41. cold call pope
    James Foley’s Parents Got a Call From Pope FrancisThat’s why they call him the cold-call pope. 
  42. his holiness
    Pope Francis’s First U.S. Visit Will Be to New York’s Biggest SuburbPhiladelphia.
  43. the sports section
    Rival Popes Will Not Be Watching the World Cup Together, or at AllThey don’t really care, and it’s on too late anyway.
  44. papacy
    Hip Pope Not Hip Enough for DrugsHe’s anti-legalization.
  45. Pope Francis Frees Himself From Confines of Bulletproof Popemobile“At my age, I don’t have much to lose.”
  46. puppies!!!!!!
    Pope Says Choosing Pets Over Kids Makes Couples SadAt least after a lifetime of happiness.
  47. surprise visits
    Pope Francis Invites Israeli and Palestinian Presidents to Vatican Prayer SummitAfter a surprise visit to the wall separating Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
  48. crimes and misdemeanors
    Pope Benedict’s Blessing Doesn’t Hold Much Sway in Brooklyn Court No, a letter from Pope Francis wouldn’t have been more effective.
  49. meeting of the popes
    Catholics Get Double Helpings of Popes, Saints at Vatican Mass For the first time ever.
  50. the most important people in the world
    Pope Francis Took a Palm Sunday SelfieOf course he did.
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