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Populist Rage

  1. the rich hunt
    JPMorgan Executive ‘Ran Like a Dog’ When Confronted by Angry Homeowners“He was scared to death because he doesn’t really want to talk to homeowners.”
  2. Citi May Part Ways With Castle-Owning TraderThe specter of public furor over Andrew Hall’s bonus may cause the bank to let go of one of its star traders. But at what price?
  3. white men with money
    Citigroup’s Andrew Hall Has Castle, Demands BonusCitigroup CEO is lobbying to pay bonuses to key employees, but do they really need them?
  4. it’s official we have the brain of a fourth grader
    ‘Hi, AIG. Not All of USA Hates You.’Kids empathize with harassed-feeling AIG executives.
  5. aggravated internet geeks
    AIG Exec Responds to Critics: ‘About My Balls…’The husband of last week’s raging AIG wife fights back.
  6. the rage of the never rich
    Citigroup to Lay Off 65 Office CleanersSorry, guys! Citi blew all of its budget this year making millionaires more millionaire-y! Good luck feeding your kids, though.
  7. the rich hunt
    Okay, Citigroup, You’ve Pissed Us OffJets and Zen gardens we could handle, but insane retention bonuses and a stupid fire sale have put us over the edge.