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  1. pandemic prescriptions
    The European Cities Using the Pandemic As a Cure for AirbnbWith tourism at a low ebb, Lisbon, Barcelona, and other cities are moving to bring balance back to their housing market.
  2. Another Portuguese Statue Demolished in Pursuit of a SelfieWhy does this keep happening in Lisbon?
  3. the sports section
    U.S. and Portugal Fans React to Yesterday’s DrawOn the scene with U.S. fans at Lonestar Bar and Grill and Portugal fans at Pao.
  4. the sports section
    World Cup GIF Recap: The United States’ Devastating Draw With PortugalHeads hang across America. 
  5. international intrigue
    Is Ireland Patient X for the Next Financial Contagion?Things don’t look good for Spain or Portugal.
  6. the gods must be crazy
    Pope: ‘The Greatest Persecution of the Church Doesn’t Come From Enemies on the Outside But Is Born From the Sins Within the Church’Maybe the Church’s latest troubles aren’t the fault of the ‘Times’ after all!