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Post Modern Love

  1. post-modern love
    Another Facebook Higher-Up Gets MarriedThe ceremony was adorably geeky.
  2. post-modern love
    Giant Turtles Fall Out of Love After 115 YearsSometimes the spark just vanishes, you know?
  3. post-modern love
    Ellen Pao’s Husband Is Buddy Fletcher, the Guy Who Sued the Dakota BoardHis-and-hers high-profile lawsuits.
  4. post-modern love
    Judging Priscilla Chan: Why People Won’t StopThey’re mad she’s not playing the part of princess.
  5. post-modern love
    John Edwards Is ‘Flirting’ With a Female JurorPlayas gonna play.
  6. post-modern love
    Noah Kalina, the Zuckerberg Wedding PhotographerHe’s that guy who took a picture of himself every day for six years.
  7. trumped up
    Donald Trump Has Some Advice on Romance for Mark ZuckerbergIt is, shall we say, a leeettle jaded.
  8. post-modern love
    Grading Obama’s ‘Classic Undergraduate-ese’Columbia lit professors weigh in on his “love letters.”
  9. obama
    Obama Girlfriend Was a ‘Composite Character’More literary pretension from this guy!
  10. post-modern love
    Barack Obama’s Old Girlfriends Get Dishy Yessssss.
  11. stand clear of the closing doors
    Will Cutting Off the G Train Also Cut Off True Love?Geographic undesirability set to rise.
  12. the art of trolling
    This Article on ‘How to Date a Wall Street Man’ Is Not a ParodyWe thinkkkk.
  13. post-modern love
    Guy Who Believes Women Incapable of Manual Labor Still Enjoys Their CompanyHe just wants to help them out, you see.
  14. white men with money and an internet connection
    Finance Pros Writing Ill-Considered E-mailsWhat are the chances these are real?
  15. post-modern love
    Turtle Bay Residents Don’t Get Along With People Outside Turtle BayAccording to OKCupid data.
  16. post-modern love
    N.J. Proposes New Law on Marriage Waiting PeriodWhy go all the way to Vegas?
  17. post-modern love
    Richard Cohen Likes Meeting Ladies on the WebPaula Zahn’s ex is supposedly “addicted” to Match. com.
  18. post-modern love
    Americans Have Never Been Less Into MarriageBarely more than half of all adults are married.
  19. chivalry
    Derek Jeter Gives One-Night Stands a Gift Basket of Autographed MemorabiliaDon’t you?
  20. post-modern love
    One of the Forever-Alone Singles 4Chan Lured to Times Square Is Actually Rather DashingHis name is Keats and he wears a fedora.
  21. post-modern love
    The Birth Control Pill Hasn’t Done Lumberjacks Any FavorsThe pill makes “less-masculine men seem more attractive.”
  22. post-modern love
    Ivy League Students Would Like to Have More SexScientific-ish proof.
  23. post-modern love
    Facebook App Helps You Break Up RelationshipsLet someone know you’re waiting for them to break up.
  24. post-modern love
    Grindr’s New App for Straights Wants to Help With Those Missed ConnectionsThe most popular hookup app for gays is developing a straight version.
  25. post-modern love
    Facebook Literally Cannot Handle How Much You Want to Stalk Your CrushThe stalking app has been banned!
  26. post-modern love
    Facebook App Takes the Effort Out of StalkingIt lets you know when the object of your desire breaks up.
  27. post-modern love
    Rejection Season Is ImminentIn which we don’t mean to ruin your Valentine’s Day.
  28. post-modern love
    New York Sex Heat Map: ‘The Deeper Into Brooklyn You Go, the Kinkier People Get’Dating website OkCupid breaks down attractiveness, kinkiness, and selectivity — zip code by zip code.
  29. post-modern love
    All the Single Ladies … Should Learn to SettleIf they ever want to have it all.
  30. post-modern love
    Will OkCupid Change Now That It’s Owned by Match.com?Dating sites get maaaaaarried.