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Potential Comebacks

  1. poll position
    Spitzer Still Leading Comptroller’s Race, Just Not as MuchThe margin of error is out to get him in a post-Weiner poll.
  2. potential comebacks
    Spitzer’s First Campaign Ad Doesn’t Mention HimPronouns only!
  3. potential comebacks
    Eliot Spitzer and His Wife Are Living ApartSilda Wall Spitzer would “probably rather he didn’t” run.
  4. potential comebacks
    Manhattan Madam Can’t Abide a Spitzer-Comptrolled New YorkKristin Davis threatens to leave town if we elect Spitzer.
  5. potential comebacks
    Eliot Spitzer Is Running for City ComptrollerCalling all disgraced former politicians.
  6. potential comebacks
    The Strange Campaign for ‘Gabby’s Seat’Giffords joined her former aide Ron Barber over the weekend.