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Power Couples

  1. power couples
    Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Engaged to Gay-Rights Advocate Sean EldridgeChris Hughes proposed in Thailand.
  2. the most important weddings in the world
    Beautiful Lauren Bush to Become Married Lauren LaurenDavid Lauren and Lauren Bush are engaged.
  3. coffee dates
    Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift on a Regular Coffee-Drinking Road Trip NowSpotted in Nashville.
  4. power couples
    Adorable Things This Holiday Season, Part OneJake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift sipped maple lattes together in Park Slope, while staring into one another’s eyes.
  5. power couples
    Anthony Weiner Tied the KnotHuma Abedin is making an honest man out of a politician.
  6. power couples
    G.E. Executive Writes Totally Gay Mash Note to Tyra Banks’s Boyfriend“Incredible!” “Impressive!”