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  1. business
    Millions of Used Medical Gloves Imported to U.S.: ReportA Thai company that was repackaging and selling reused gloves shipped at least 200 million gloves to U.S. distributors during the pandemic.
  2. coronavirus
    Why Is There Still a PPE Shortage?Four months after doctors and nurses used trash bags for gowns and takeout containers for face masks, the PPE problem has not been solved.
  3. coronavirus
    There Is A White House Blockade Stopping States From Getting Coronavirus PPEThe NEJM has published a horrifying account of a health-care executive trying to evade what appear to be mafia tactics by the federal government.
  4. the national interest
    Trump Blames Lack of Hospital Masks on ObamaWhy is the president scrambling to produce more personal protective equipment for health-care workers, two months late? That’s on Obama.