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  1. the master of disguise
    Sacha Baron Cohen Apparently Emerged From Quarantine to Prank Alt-Right RallyMany attendees encouraged the racist song that he performed.
  2. hey you you’re finally awake
    This Gamer Prank Is a Finely Layered Work of ArtWhen is a blue screen of death not really a blue screen of death?
  3. pranks
    YouTube Bans Dangerous Pranks Like the ‘Bird Box Challenge’YouTubers are no longer allowed to risk or make anyone fear for their lives.
  4. Nikki Haley (Apparently) Duped by Prank Call From Fake Polish Prime MinisterThe U.N. ambassador assured the Polish leader that she was aware of Russia’s meddling in (the fake island of) Binomo’s recent elections.
  5. select all
    3 Very Good Halloween Twitter PranksHappy almost Halloween!
  6. Donald Trump Fortune-Telling Machine Has Popped Up in NYCSee “How Great America’s Future Is.”
  7. pranks
    Trump Falls Into Gawker Trap, Retweets MussoliniYou can’t make this stuff up, but you can make it happen.
  8. just desserts
    Football-Fan Revenge on Cops: Coconut DoughnutsNo one ever says that revenge tastes like coconut.
  9. Pranksters Trick Fox Viewers on Facebook1 “like” = 1 respect.
  10. Two Pranksters Built a Pizza Rat Robot to Terrify New YorkersNew Yorkers clearly only love the idea of Pizza Rat.
  11. pranks
    Man Calls C-SPAN and Recites Fresh Prince Rap“I just wanted to make it clear I’m calling from Bel Air, California.”
  12. international affairs
    Some Wasted Dude Prank Called the British Prime Minister And the U.K.’s spy chief. 
  13. pranks
    German Town Pranks Neo-Nazis Into Donating to Anti-Nazi CharityAn actually worthwhile prank.
  14. oh new jersey
    Clever Prankster Directs Commuters to Assville, New JerseySomeone managed to tamper with a digital traffic sign.
  15. stand clear of the closing doors
    Hidden-Cam Pranksters Pretending to Be Cops Busted by Actual CopsCool prank. 
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    LAX Dry Ice Bombs Were Someone’s Idea of a JokeArrested airport worker “thought it was funny.”
  17. pranks
    No, a Firefighter Is Not Giving Away His Mini-Horse on CraigslistIt’s a prank.
  18. the media
    Covering Dorner’s Standoff Was a Media MinefieldPranks, bad information, and some very heavy competition.
  19. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street Fights Fire With FecesThe occupation faces down white-shirt police with buckets of bad news.
  20. pranks
    Matt Lauer Planted Boxer Briefs in Meredith Vieira’s PurseBut they couldn’t possibly be his — she can recognize the panty line of a thong.
  21. eye of newt
    NewtGingrich.com Redirects to the Candidate’s Most Embarrassing MomentsSomeone is playing an Internet prank.
  22. the internet
    Social Media ‘Professional’ Forgot to Protect His PasswordOvernight Twitter takeover is a warning to social media experts everywhere.
  23. legal aid
    Cash4Gold’s ‘Seasoned Geologists’ Not Fooled by ‘Ziplock Bag of Gold-Painted Rocks’No, you cannot demand payment in the form of an “ungreased backdoor; Hammertime lovemaking session”!
  24. park slope parents
    ‘Ghost Stroller’ Freaking Out Park Slope ParentsNeighbors wonder: misplaced memorial, art project, or sick joke?
  25. pranks
    People Rode the Subway Without Pants TodayToday’s high temperature was 28 degrees.
  26. pranks
    Will Ferrell Makes Cameo in Showbiz Couple’s New York Times Wedding AnnouncementThe weddings and celebrations section is funny for once.
  27. pranks
    Media and Chamber of Commerce Duped by The Yes MenYes, the Chamber still opposes climate change legislation.
  28. school daze
    Seemingly Hilarious School Itching-Powder Crime Not So FunnyHave we just gotten too old?
  29. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Pissed Off the Wrong Trust-FundersA ruthless teen gang covers one of Madoff’s beloved trees in toilet paper.