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Pratt Institute

  1. sad things
    Four-Alarm Fire at Pratt Institute Destroys Student ArtSad.
  2. romance
    Never Date a White Man During a Recession, and Other Advice From the TimesWelcome to the future of media.
  3. equal rites
    Maine State House Passes Marriage-Equality BillIt’s now up to the state’s Democratic governor, John Baldacci, to decide whether to sign it into law.
  4. bad ideas
    Brooklyn Steppers Leader Accused of Sexual Relations With Band MemberHe says he’s innocent; 2,999 texts in one month, and a lot of other damning evidence, say otherwise.
  5. the morning line
    Green School • Nine New York universities, including Columbia, CUNY, NYU, and Pratt, have signed on to cut their greenhouse-gas emissions by 30 percent by 2017. This exceeds Bloomberg’s PlaNYC goals and should, the mayor says, “make a sizable dent” in the city’s carbon footprint. [amNY] • A 15-year-old Connecticut girl who disappeared a year ago was found alive, apparently imprisoned in a secret room of her parents’ acquaintances’ house. [NYP] • Someone is destroying entire print runs, and harassing the editors, of the city’s two Urdu-language weeklies that cater to Pakistani-Americans. This is perhaps an inopportune moment to say it, but how cool is it that we have two Urdu weeklies? [CPJ] • More mayhem: A “strapping” and “burly” (in the Daily News’ oddly swooning description) ex-con prowled the 2 train for a week, stealing iPods and gold jewelry plus kissing and exposing himself to women. [NYDN] • And Frank Gehry is going to design a playground in Battery Park, as a “gift to the city.” Aw, you shouldn’t have! As opposed to Miss Brooklyn, which you really, you know, shouldn’t have. [NYT]