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  1. education policy
    Does Pre-K Actually Hurt Kids?A new study raises that alarming possibility. But even if its findings are true, universal pre-K would still be worthwhile.
  2. education
    What NYC Parents Need to Know About Universal Pre-KThe political fight is over; now comes the hard part.
  3. Was de Blasio’s Big Pre-K Win Scripted All Along?Reviewing the performances of the leading men and supporting cast.
  4. city politic
    De Blasio Is Running Out of Options in His Pre-K Duel With CuomoState pols are no closer to approving a tax hike on the rich.
  5. politics
    Mayor de Blasio Presses Forward With Tax-the-Rich Pre-K PlanBack to business, after some distractions.
  6. city politic
    De Blasio vs. Cuomo: The Next RoundThe mayor is headed to Albany, and the tussle over new taxes on the rich will be front and center.
  7. politics
    The Duel for Prekindergarten Goes PublicCuomo is doubling down on De Blasio’s signature issue with a new $1.5 billion plan.
  8. cuomolot
    Cuomo May Foil De Blasio’s Plans by Funding Pre-K Statewide But it’s not like he could complain about it.
  9. the children of new york
    DIY Pre-K Co-ops Are a Whole ThingFor the not-quite-rich-enough parents who can’t get their 3-year-old into the right public school.