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  1. life after roe
    ‘They Really Wanted to See My Baby Get Taken Away’A woman is suing a Brooklyn hospital for secretly testing her for drugs during labor and calling child-protective services.
  2. the intelligencer profile
    Dorothy Roberts Tried to Warn UsThe legal scholar has been writing about the criminalization of pregnancy for 25 years. Now she’s calling to abolish the child welfare system.
  3. covid-19
    Should Pregnant People Take the Vaccine? FDA and CDC Say That’s Up to Them.Why there isn’t a definitive answer from the authorities.
  4. coronavirus
    Should Pregnant People Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?FDA guidance could be released as soon as today, affecting millions of Americans. First up: health-care workers.
  5. coronavirus
    What Can Pregnant Women Tell Us About ‘Silent Spreaders’?A letter from The New England Journal of Medicine provided clues about asymptomatic coronavirus cases — but the information is far from conclusive.
  6. wework
    Adam Neumann’s Time at WeWork Is Over, But His Troubles Aren’tA new lawsuit accuses the disgraced CEO of pregnancy discrimination.
  7. vision 2020
    Will the Elizabeth Warren Pregnancy-Firing Controversy Matter to Voters?She’s given strong answers to questions on her story about being pushed out of a teaching job for being pregnant. That will settle it for most people.
  8. abortion rights
    Maybe the Only Way to Know What’s Wrong With Abortion in America Is to Have OneExperience showed me how much I didn’t know.
  9. global tech
    Pregnant Women Can’t Easily Get Checkups in Rural India. This App Helps.SaveMom is a new wearable app that helps expectant mothers in rural areas keep track of their and their baby’s health when doctors are far away.
  10. First Female Mets VP Says She Was Fired Over an Out-of-Wedlock PregnancyAre we still in 2014?
  11. too far
    Man Illustrates Dangers of Cigarettes by Pointing Gun at Pregnant SmokerA frightening pamphlet would have sufficed.
  12. yahooligans
    Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s New CEO, Reveals She’s PregnantYahoo’s board members have no problem with that.
  13. the children of new york
    Twin Girls Delivered in Hospital, Back Seat of TaxiThis probably wasn’t in their birthing plan.
  14. Levi Johnston Will Have His Second ChildSpoiler alert: It’s not with Bristol Palin.
  15. weinergate
    Huma Abedin Is Pregnant [Updated]According to sources close to her.
  16. blobs
    Martha Stewart Is Going to Become a GrandmotherThis is going to be the most tricked-out baby ever.
  17. sex on skates
    ‘Levi Is One of Three Possible Fathers Who Were With Lanesia During the Probable Week of Conception’Sex on Skates is in trouble again.
  18. good things happening to people we like
    Rachel Dratch Is Pregnant!The ‘SNL’ alum posed alongside pal Amy Poehler on the red carpet last night, bump to bump.
  19. sex on skates
    The McCain Campaign’s Latest Gimmick: A Palin-Johnston Wedding?The ‘Times’ of London is reporting that the McCain camp is considering forcing a quickie wedding between Bristol and Levi, to boost Sarah Palin’s ‘homespun authenticity.’
  20. early and often
    Levi ‘Sex on Skates’ Johnston Is Already in St. Paul for Republican ConventionThe hockey-playing hunk is set to join his pregnant girlfriend, Bristol Palin, as her mom accepts the Republican party’s vice-presidential nomination tonight.
  21. early and often
    We’re Sorry, But Palin Baby Daddy Levi Johnston Is Sex on SkatesYes, yes, yes. This whole teen pregnancy thing has everyone in a tizzy over whether John McCain made the wrong choice in a running mate. Can everybody just relax and take a second to admire a teenage sex machine, please?
  22. in other news
    Woman Gives Birth on Subway Platform, We ShudderCould that situation be any more frightening? Well, yes, it could. (But this story has a happy ending!)
  23. gossipmonger
    Celebrity-Baby Boutique Spreads Word: Mariah Carey Is Totally Preggers!Also, dish on Barbara Walters, Ashley Olsen, and P. Diddy in our daily roundup.
  24. in other news
    Bloomberg, Baby, You’ve Got a Real Problem on Your HandsA slew of other women join the class-action suit against Bloomberg LP for discrimination of female employees.
  25. cultural capital
    Amy Poehler Is Pregnant for Real!Not just in her movie ‘Baby Mama,’ which conveniently just opened!
  26. in other news
    We May Be Losing a Natalie, But We May Be Getting a Kathie LeeWhen Natalie Morales announced on the Today show this morning that she was pregnant again, we were torn. On the one hand, we love Natalie Morales with all of our hearts (despite her participation in the soul-crushing fourth hour of the show) and think that the higher the percentage of babies in the world that have her for a mom, the better. On the other hand, this means that she’ll probably have to sit out the network’s sure-to-be-bonkers coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in August, which saddens us. We were dying to see her forced into a synchronized-swimming competition with Matt or pulling Al around the streets of Beijing in a rickshaw. Our minds raced with questions — who would pick up the slack for her? Giada De Laurentiis? The sometime Today co-host didn’t seem to work out (plus she also got pregnant), so we haven’t seen her in a while. Tiki Barber? The delightful Amy Robach? The less delightful Jenna Wolfe? Not quite.