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    Trump’s Conspiracy-Theory Shorthand Limits His Audience to True BelieversIn the debate and on the campaign trail, Trump constantly alludes to conservative myths that probably sound like gibberish to the uninitiated.
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    Biden Emerges From a Train Wreck Mostly UnscathedThe Democratic nominee wasn’t always sharp on Tuesday night, but he probably did what he needed to do against an especially unhinged Trump.
  3. The Republican Party Is Trapped in a Worst-Case ScenarioCaught between a disastrous presidential candidate and a base that loves him.
  4. Trump Meets a Very Low Debate Threshold by Not Getting Thrown Off the TicketAn eerie second presidential debate was overshadowed by Trump’s video scandal. But after a bizarre beginning, he survived by playing to his base.
  5. Hillary’s Hand Gestures Are the Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Du JourShe was telling Lester Holt to let her in for a zinger, the theory goes.
  6. The Taliban Was Disappointed in the First Presidential DebateNot enough talk about Afghanistan.
  7. Donald Trump Interrupted Hillary Clinton Many, Many, Many Times at the DebateI guess he just had a lot to say.
  8. Trump Confirms That He Changed His Stance on Birtherism for Political AdvantageAt the debate, Trump said he changed his mind about birtherism when he realized that black voters “really wanted me to come to that conclusion.”
  9. Clinton and Trump Should Talk More About the Robot-Induced Unemployment CrisisSelf-driving vehicles are expected to wipe out millions of jobs in the coming decades. Our presidential candidates should probably talk about that.
  10. A Guide to Streaming the Debates Online, Based on Comment SectionsEvery social network brings its own gestalt to the proceedings.