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  1. the kavanaugh hearings
    Trump Says Kavanaugh’s Accusers Are Like His Own: FraudulentIn a press conference, Trump dismissed sexual assault accusers — Brett Kavanaugh’s and his own — while hinting he could yet nix the nomination.
  2. It’s the One-Year Anniversary of Trump’s First and Only Press ConferenceNot since LBJ has a president gone this long without opening himself up to reporters.
  3. Trump Trashes Key U.S. Ally in Defiance of His Diplomats (Again)The administration was trying to reassure Qatar that it has America’s support, when Trump declared Doha a funder of terrorism at a “very high level.”
  4. Trump Ends the Presidential Press Conference As We Know ItIn a remarkable 80-minute presser, Trump did not try to reach people with a message via the media; the message itself was to mistrust the media.
  5. Here’s a Liveblog of the Trump Presser and Tillerson and Sessions HearingsThe GOP designed today to have too much news — and that was before someone leaked a memo about how Russia has “compromised” the president-elect.