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  1. scares
    Relax, You Can Still Search for Jessica BielPress releases be damned!
  2. dijongate
    Grey Poupon Wants Obama to ‘Pardon’ Dijon LoversNo, this isn’t over!
  3. intel
    J-Vanka: More Than Friends? Stop the presses! Here’s the most exciting press release we’ve seen in months, and our excitement has nothing to do with the Michael Shvo development being flacked: Request For Coverage *INTERVIEWS AVAILABLE* ICONIC DESIGNER PHILIPPE STARCK AND REAL-ESTATE MARKETING WUNDERKIND MICHAEL SHVO INVITE YOU TO AN EXCLUSIVE PARTY TO CELEBRATE THE OPENING OF “GRAMERCY STARCK” WHO: Philippe Starck, Michael Shvo, Jessica Stam (Cover of Vogue this Month-Dating DJ AM), Fabiola Beracasa, Lydia Hearst, Celerie Kimble, Rachel Roy, Jared Kushner (New York Observer “IT” Publisher-Dating Ivanka Trump), Susie Castillo (MTV VJ), Sam Talbot (Top Chef) Greg K, Love Leigh, Geo (The Misshapes), Leven Rambin (All My Children)… and a host of other New York VIPs will attend the exclusive event. The Kush is officially listed as “dating Ivanka Trump”? (The bold was ours, for the record.) Is this final, real confirmation? Has J-Vanka has gone public — in someone else’s press release? We called Stephen Rubenstein — Kushner’s mouthpiece — to check. “They’re still just friends,” he assured us. We’ll take his word for it. But maybe they’re, you know, special friends? Earlier: Daily Intel’s coverage of J-Vanka.
  4. intel
    It’s Hard Out Here for a Public-Radio Fund-raiserIt’s not easy soliciting money for a good cause, and, indeed, a recent e-mail exchange among execs at WNYC, New York’s public-radio station, exposes the delicate art of not-for-profit fund-raising. Under discussion was a press release to announce a fund-raising campaign for the station’s new Varick Street headquarters. The first draft of the release lacked a statement from Dawn Greene, widow of philanthropist Jerome Greene, whose $6 million gift was the largest ever made to a public-radio station. “Why not include a quote from Dawn?” wonders Laura Walker, WNYC’s president and CEO, in a leaked e-mail. “[It would] allow someone else to say nice things about us.”