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  1. democrats in disarray
    Primary Voters Should Decide the Direction of the Democratic PartyThose waging factional battles over who should represent safe districts should defer to the wisdom of actual voters.
  2. vision 2020
    Why Trump Can’t Count on COVID-19 to Suppress the Vote for HimDespite the pandemic, primary turnout has been strong, so Republicans wanting to hold down the vote will have to suppress it on their own.
  3. vision 2020
    Why Polls Might Get the Iowa Caucuses WrongCaucuses and primaries are very different environments … starting with who shows up in the first place.
  4. vision 2020
    The Iowa Caucuses Aren’t Going Anywhere. Get Used to It.Complaints about Iowa’s unfair influence tend to miss that it’s already ceded a bit of power, and creating a new system is exceedingly difficult.
  5. 2020 elections
    Republicans Could Cancel Primaries to Protect Trump From a ChallengeIt’s unnecessary and unseemly, to be sure, but how many Republicans will openly complain about renominating Trump by acclamation?
  6. 2020 presidential election
    Is Chaotic 2020 the Right Time for Democrats to Neuter Superdelegates?It makes sense to let voters rather than superdelegates control presidential nominations. But 2020 could be the exception that proves the rule.
  7. 2018 elections
    Kris Kobach Says He’ll Recuse Himself From Vote Count in Kansas GOP PrimaryHe reversed his position after a typo cut his tiny lead in half, but he suggested his opponent, incumbent governor Jeff Colyer, is being ridiculous.
  8. Primary Results: Kobach Holds Narrowest of Leads in KansasTwo races featuring candidates backed by Trump ended with a question mark on Tuesday. Expect recounts in Kansas and Ohio.
  9. city politic
    Ocasio-Cortez Not Only Beat Crowley — She Beat Old-School New York PoliticsThe congressman had the backing of a powerful political machine. In a climate of anger, it didn’t help him at all.
  10. 2018 elections
    The 28-Year-Old Progressive Hoping to Unseat One of the Top House DemocratsIf Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dethrones longtime Congressman Joe Crowley on Tuesday, it will jolt the Establishment in New York, and Washington.
  11. Another Big Primary Night for Democratic WomenPrimaries in three southern states plus runoffs in Texas continued to shape a competitive midterm, with Democratic women doing particularly well.
  12. The Two Staceys Versus GOP Wild Men: A Preview of Tuesday’s PrimariesGubernatorial primaries in Georgia and congressional contests in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Texas are on tap for May 22.
  13. Primary Roundup: Victories for Women and ProgressivesPennsylvania’s all-male congressional delegation will be a thing of the past. And Nebraskans made a surprise choice.
  14. Favorites Win Nearly Everywhere on First Big Primary Night of 2018With the exception of a GOP House member losing in North Carolina, upsets were few and far between in a four-state primary night.
  15. The California Democrats Aren’t In DisarrayA lot of the angst over Democratic primary battles, and California’s Top Two system, may be excessive.
  16. An Early California Primary Could Change the 2020 Presidential RaceIt didn’t much benefit the Golden State when it tried an early 2008 primary, but in 2020 it could help prevent a huge presidential field.
  17. Trump Has Converted the GOP Base to His Ideology: Trump FirstA large swath of GOP voters now identify as “Trump Republicans” — and see loyalty to the president as the one litmus test for true conservatism.
  18. Conservatives Are Losing Their Base To TrumpThe voters Republicans were counting on to back them up in fights with the president have gone over to his side decisively and perhaps for good.
  19. new york primaries
    A Roundup of N.Y. Primary-Election ResultsAdriano Espaillat won the Democratic primary for Rangel’s old seat, and more. 
  20. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Wins Washington D.C. PrimaryTheir first face-to-face meeting in months could be a turning point.
  21. Democrats Consider Opening, While GOP Closing, Primaries to IndependentsIt says a lot about both parties.
  22. If You Want a More Democratic Nominating Process, Take a Look at Caucuses FirstPrimaries are far more participatory. Disgruntled Sanders supporters, among others, should take notice. 
  23. Democratic Establishment Candidates Win Two Key Senate PrimariesChris Van Hollen of Maryland and Katie McGinty of Pennsylvania keep things tidy for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.
  24. early and often
    Clinton Draws Closer to Nomination With Net-Delegate Gains in the NortheastAfter the five northeastern primaries, Bernie Sanders’s hopes of a pledged-delegate majority depend on an implausibly big win in California. 
  25. Today’s Northeastern Primaries: It’s All About Margins of Victory NowThis isn’t the Tuesday when the underdogs are likely to get much of a bite.
  26. Will Changes His Mind Mid-Column on GOP RulesSeems whatever it takes to make the GOP reflect the snooty conservative columnist’s preferences is all right with him. 
  27. Where Sanders-Friendly Indies Can and Can’t VoteThe upcoming primaries will be mostly hostile to indies. And then there’s California, where many who think they are independent aren’t.  
  28. National Parties Don’t Control Nominating RulesProposals to change them often ignore the roles of state parties, state legislatures, and even the opposing party.
  29. Hillary Clinton Sweeps Ohio, Illinois, and MissouriHer Missouri victory came down to a few thousand votes.
  30. Is Bernie Sanders Still Running to Win?The challenger needed to win three states or round up a passel of delegates. He didn’t. 
  31. Here’s What the Early Exits Are Telling Us About This Week’s ‘Super Tuesday’ Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are performing well with late-deciders.
  32. early and often
    On Semi-Super Saturday, Cruz Reversed Trump’s Momentum, Rubio Fell FlatThe GOP contest is looking more and more like a two-man race.
  33. Preview of March 5–6 Primaries and CaucusesFive Republican events will test Trump’s momentum after a stormy debate, while four Democratic events will test Sanders’s persistence. 
  34. Why Bipartisanship Still Matters for CandidatesWe don’t pick our presidents based on their history of bipartisanship. But maybe we should. 
  35. politics
    35-Year-Old Iraq Veteran Unseats House Democrat in MassachusettsSeth Moulton beat Representative John Tierney.
  36. politics
    New Yorkers Have Mixed Feelings on Candidates Facing Federal IndictmentsPrimary voters were surprisingly forgiving.
  37. politics
    Andrew Cuomo, Running Mate Fend Off Primary Challenge From the LeftBut ignoring Teachout may have hurt him in the long run.
  38. civic duty
    What You Need to Know About Today’s New York PrimariesGet to know the candidates — or at least, who’s facing federal charges.
  39. elections
    Cochran and Rangel Claim Victory, Foes Fight OnNo one got Cantored, but there was still primary-night drama.
  40. Reactions to Eric Cantor’s Stunning Defeat, From Fear to GloatingBoehner made it sound like someone had died.
  41. primaries
    Eric Cantor Loses to Tea Party Challenger in Huge Primary UpsetTo a tea party–backed college professor.
  42. primaries
    Charles Hynes Out After 24 Years As Brooklyn D.A.He lost to Kenneth Thompson.
  43. early and often
    Everything You Need to Know About New York City’s PrimariesHow to vote, who’s running, and which races to watch.
  44. politics
    Charlie Rangel SurvivedAdriano Espaillat will concede the race today. 
  45. primaries
    It Looks Like Charlie Rangel WonThe hand count is over, but victory has not officially been declared. 
  46. Rangel Race May Be Headed for Do-overNew York’s very own Bush vs. Gore!
  47. neighborhood news
    Charlie Rangel’s Lead Continues to ShrinkIt’s down to 802 votes as of last night.
  48. neighborhood news
    State Supreme Court Agrees to Hearing on Charlie Rangel’s Primary WinIt’s still not clear whether it was, in fact, a win.
  49. primaries
    With Votes Left Uncounted, Charlie Rangel’s Fight May Not Be OverWith votes still uncounted, his margin of victory is growing smaller.
  50. primaries
    New Yorkers Too Busy Enjoying Summer to Vote in PrimaryWho wants to participate in the electoral process when it’s nice outside?
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