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  1. royal rumblings
    Trump Marks Queen’s Passing by Picking a Fight With Harry & MeghanHarry tried to avoid stirring up drama on the anniversary of his grandmother’s death. He found it anyway when Trump said he’d like to debate Markle.
  2. royal rumblings
    King Charles Pretends He Has ‘No Time’ to See Prince HarrySadly, Britain’s monarch is so weak that he can’t even cancel a few meetings to see his son.
  3. royals
    King Charles Embraces Prince Andrew, Keeps Shunning Prince HarryThe king’s disgraced brother carpooled to church with Kate and William. But Harry is still banned from family functions.
  4. royals
    The Juiciest Revelations From Prince Harry’s Court CasesHe is taking the stand — and spreading more royal gossip and allegations — in multiple lawsuits against the British press.
  5. royals
    Harry and Meghan Can’t Escape Neighbor DramaNow they’ve reportedly “snubbed” an elderly Montecito neighbor — or their security guard was just doing his job.
  6. royals
    Story of Harry and Meghan’s Air Force One Snub Doesn’t FlyEven if you think they’re entitled and dim-witted, the Sussexes asking Joe Biden for a ride home after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral strains credulity.
  7. royals
    Harry and Meghan Are Mulling a Split — or Just Doing Their JobsThe prince may be headed to Africa to make good on his Netflix deal, not to sulk about the state of his marriage.
  8. royals
    King Charles ‘Miffed’ That Prince William Is Charging Him RentBritish royal family members are so severely repressed that they can only express their emotions via real-estate drama.
  9. royals
    Netflix’s Bold Ultimatum for Harry and Meghan: No Work, No PayThey’ve already lost their Spotify partnership, and if they can’t produce some TV hits, their Netflix deal may be next.
  10. royals
    Let Prince Harry Podcast With Trump and PutinWere all of his rumored Spotify podcast ideas implausible? Yes. But so was the idea that the son of King Charles would drop a tell-all memoir.
  11. royals
    Prince Harry Can’t Have U.K. Police Protection, Even If He PaysFirst King Charles fails to express any concern over Harry and Meghan’s “nearly catastrophic car chase” and now this.
  12. royals
    Harry and Meghan’s ‘Near Catastrophic’ Car Chase: Everything We KnowThe photo agency Backgrid said the couple demanded that the paparazzi turn over all photos and videos taken during the chase, but they refused.
  13. royals
    Coronation Guest Sir Karl Jenkins Claims He Isn’t Meghan Markle in DisguiseOkay, but that’s exactly what Meghan Markle would say if she were pretending to be a 78-year-old Welsh composer.
  14. royals
    King Charles Is Sad Prince Harry Didn’t Stay for More ShunningThe monarch was reportedly “genuinely disappointed” that Prince Harry skipped his coronation lunch, though it was pretty clear he wasn’t welcome.
  15. royals
    The Drama Lover’s Guide to the Coronation of King CharlesWhy is Harry going but not Meghan? Are performers snubbing Charles? Is Camilla making a sneaky title change? Here are all the biggest controversies.
  16. royals
    King Charles Pretends He’s Too ‘Busy’ to See Prince HarryIf Prince Harry is going to keep making surprise visits to London for his U.K.-tabloid suit, his dad better come up with some better excuses.
  17. royals
    Palace Grudgingly Accepts Harry and Meghan’s Daughter as ‘Princess’The couple christened their daughter Princess Lilibet Diana in their first use of the title. The palace said it’d get around to updating its website.
  18. royals
    King Charles ‘Evicts’ Harry and Meghan From House They Don’t Live InThe Californians have been booted from Frogmore Cottage because the king (or the character invented by the U.K. press) has had enough of their abuse.
  19. royals
    For $33.09, You Can Hear Prince Harry Unpack His Trauma AgainPrince Harry is doing a livestream Q&A for anyone who missed his two Oprah interviews, his six-hour Netflix documentary, and his book, Spare.
  20. royals
    Prince Harry Said What? Take the Spare QuizCan you guess what’s total rubbish and what’s something an honest-to-God prince wrote in an actual book? Prepare to be gobsmacked.
  21. royals
    King Charles’s ‘Bring Back Harry’ Response Is a Rorschach TestThe monarch said, “Who?” when a heckler asked about Prince Harry. It was savage, awkward, or heartbreaking, depending on which tabloid you read.
  22. royals
    King Charles Is Ready to Trash Harry — or Declare a TruceOr Prince Harry is right about the U.K. press relentlessly peddling utter nonsense.
  23. on with kara swisher
    Why Prince Harry Was ‘Terribly Naïve’ About His Book ReleaseKara Swisher discusses the Spare spectacle with ex-royal spokesman Patrick Harverson and journalist Catherine Mayer.
  24. royals
    Bonkers Revelations From Prince Harry’s Book, RankedIn Spare, Harry says William attacked him, claims he killed 25 Taliban fighters, and shares lots of details we didn’t need to know about his penis.
  25. royals
    England Is Over Harry and MeghanThe couple’s new Netflix documentary is evidence that everyone is ready to move on.
  26. feuds
    Prince Harry Is Lucky Donald Trump Isn’t His GrandparentThe celebrity-obsessed ex-president says the queen should’ve stripped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their titles and refused to let them visit.
  27. fame
    Meghan Markle’s Ambitions Are Bigger Than RoyaltyShe’s inverting the Disney dream of a prince whisking her away to a castle; now the princess is ready to make her own empire.
  28. Justin Trudeau Just Found Another Excuse to Do Push-ups in PublicBecause we all know Trudeau wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to show off his physical prowess in public.
  29. If You’re a Famous Person, Don’t Look at Anything EverThe Royals and the Obamas team up for a good meme.
  30. war in afghanistan
    Marine Generals Basically Fired Over Attack on Prince Harry’s Afghan Base“Asked to retire” is the same thing.
  31. prince harry
    Taliban Targets Prince Harry in Attack on Afghan BaseTwo U.S. Marines were killed.
  32. scandals
    Rupert Murdoch Knows How Prince Harry Could Have Avoided Those Nude PicturesIt’s pretty obvious. 
  33. love
    Prince Harry Has a New Blonde in His LifeShe’s very pretty, with “not much to say.”
  34. two princes
    Prince Harry Made Kate Middleton Tear UpHis best-man speech went over well.
  35. heroes
    Arguably Cuter Prince Promoted to Captain in the British Army“With his success at training on the high-tech Apache attack aircraft, Captain Harry Wales is ready for the next stage of his training.”
  36. royal blunders
    Prince Harry Fell Off a HorseLike a true royal, he got right back on the saddle.
  37. gossipmonger
    Lady Gaga Gives Herself Pep Talks“Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.” And more celebrity coping techniques, in our daily gossip roundup.
  38. the ginger fox
    The Ginger Fox to Return to Governors IslandPrince Harry will be back in the city this June.
  39. gossipmonger
    Katy Perry Found Out Russell Brand Was Going to Propose From a Google AlertAnd more celebrity marginalia, in our daily gossip roundup.
  40. painting op
    U.K. Unveils First-Ever Double Prince Portrait!Naturally, it’s adorable.
  41. gossipmonger
    Madonna No Longer Subscribing to the Tracy Anderson MethodCould this mean the end of those arms? Plus more pressing questions in today’s celebrity roundup.
  42. gossipmonger
    Madonna Hires Gwyneth As Her New DecoratorBecause now Gwyneth does everything that previously required the handling of experts.
  43. gossipmonger
    Leonardo DiCaprio’s Baby Face Finally Works Against HimThe actor gets carded after biking up to a meatpacking district hot spot. That, and the rest of today’s gossip.
  44. the ginger fox
    Slideshow: Prince Harry Takes ManhattanJust the thing to hump you through the Monday-afternoon haul — er, haul you through the Monday-afternoon hump.
  45. party lines
    Prince Harry at the PoloIn which we go to Governors Island to ogle the Ginger Fox and Madonna and chat about horses with Matt Lauer.
  46. the ginger fox
    Prince Harry Is Here! He’s Really Here!You can tell by the skyscrapers behind him.
  47. harry windsor and our libido of fire
    Send Us Your Sightings of Prince Harry!He may be going to a party at Bungalow 8. Or he may not!
  48. gossipmonger
    Katherine Heigl Has Gone Too FarThe ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star is asking for more money than Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway on her new film.
  49. harry windsor and our libido of fire
    Prince Harry to Invade New York’s HarborThe British are coming! The British are coming!
  50. gossipmonger
    Maybe Everything’s Okay Between Sarah Jessica and Matthew After AllIf staying together is what would really make them happy, it’s what we want, too. Also, Cin and George Whipple mingled. Cin-ergy! In the gossip roundup.
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