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  1. made-off
    Lindgren: Bye Bye BernieIn the end, Madoff was a lame con man — and a lame story.
  2. made-off
    Madoff’s New Home a Little Less Swanky Than He’s Used ToIn fact, some people call it “inhuman.”
  3. made-off
    Madoff Jailed!After Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty, Judge Denny Chin revoked his bail.
  4. hathaello
    Raffaello Follieri Will Totally Crack in PrisonThat’s what the Italian con man’s lawyers say. And we take them at their word.
  5. in other news
    Anne Hathaway’s Personal Journals Seized by the FBIAnd yes, we know the obvious pun. Give us a minute, okay? We haven’t had coffee yet.
  6. it just happened
    Peter Braunstein Sentenced to 23 Years in OhioBut he couldn’t make a public appearance without spitting out some of the crazy.
  7. developing
    Jail Reopening and Expansion Proposed for the Corner of Atlantic and SmithTwo city commissioners revived plans last night to reinvent the jail system — and, they say, gloss up Atlantic Avenue in the bargain. Martin Horn, who runs Corrections and Probation, told a roomful of architects that marooning detainees on Rikers Island thwarts justice (“Nothing angers a judge more than having a jury impanelled and a defendant stuck in traffic on the BQE”) and tempts disaster (the one bridge to Rikers evidently sits between a jet-fuel tank and what Horn describes as “railroad cars full of chlorine gas”).
  8. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls Trend Report: Prison Is So Hot Right Now With Paris fresh out of the big house, Nicole heading to the joint, and Lindsay likely facing some slammer time, it’s beginning to look like prison is the new black. Forget worrying about what this says about the youth of America and its corresponding societal decay. What we want to know is what the bandwagon will look like when it leaves the station as this passion for incarceration becomes the next hot social and fashion fad. Step aside, cool hunters. After the jump, read the top-secret trend forecast companies pay top ducats for.