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Privacy Concerns

  1. Appeals Court Rules NSA Phone Surveillance Is Illegal“[I]f Congress chooses to authorize such a far-reaching and unprecedented program, it has every opportunity to do so, and to do so unambiguously.”
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    Opting Out Is the New Opting InGoogle and Firefox both add “do not track” options.
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    FTC Contemplates a ‘Do Not Track’ ButtonPress to keep your privacy.
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    Tracking Technology Knows Which Personality You’re Surfing WithMore powerful than a cookie!
  5. the future is coming
    Department of Please Don’t Steal My DataCould John Kerry’s brother be the country’s first privacy czar?
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    Has Google Street View Been Up to No Good?Feds investigate whether the search giant swept up confidential information from unprotected wireless networks.
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    Lessons From Teenagers: The Art of the Facebook Super Log-OffHow to avoid embarrassing Facebook posts when you’re away from the Internet.
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    Congratulations! You Won That Google Lawsuit You Didn’t Know You FiledToday in Google lawsuits.
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    CNN Edits Out Google CEO Saying People Who Don’t Like Street View ‘Can Just Move’That was very thoughtful of you, CNN.
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    Woman Suing Farmville for Privacy Breach Is Still Using Farmville’The Wall Street Journal’ made Nancy Walther Graf scared about the Internet.
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    Google Engineer Wants to Release the World From Facebook’s YokeThat’s so thoughtful of you, Mr. Engineer.
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    Farmville Has Been Spying on You and Your FriendsA new report reveals that the ten most popular apps on Facebook took advantage of a loophole and were violating people’s privacy.
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    Facebook: Now More Like High School, SpammierFacebook’s new “Groups” function is already getting spam complaints.
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    S#*! Your Google CEO SaysGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt has been going off script. Very far off script.
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    Elite Google Engineer Used Google Data to Spy on Four Teens [Update]Former Google engineer David Barksdale used his position to access user accounts of at least four teens.
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    New Anti-Google Ads Make CEO Eric Schmidt Look Like a Serial KillerAnimated Eric Schmidt is giving us the creeps.