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Privacy Woes

  1. Contractor Sent NY State Records to IndiaIt’s only on the other side of the world — what could go wrong?
  2. privacy woes
    Roberts Packed FISA Court With Republicans Less diversity than under the last two Republican chief justices.
  3. privacy woes
    Obama Wins First Congressional Battle Over NSA Surveillance, With More to ComeThe vote was surprisingly close.
  4. Government Defends Phone & Internet SurveillanceSupposedly the programs are “important and entirely legal.”
  5. ink-stained wretches
    The New York Times Altered Its Obama Criticism for ‘Clarity’ [Updated]“The administration has now lost all credibility,” had already caught on.
  6. privacy woes
    NSA Monitors Most Phones, Collects Credit DataSorry Verizon customers, you’re not that special.
  7. privacy woes
    If You Have Verizon, the NSA Has Been Secretly Collecting Your Phone RecordsApparently the Bush-era practice lives on.
  8. russia
    In Russia, the ATMs Tell You If You’re LyingBased on new voice-recognition software.
  9. private eyes are watching you
    Apple Goes to Washington To Insist ‘We Don’t Track Users’Locationgate, sort of explained.
  10. private eyes are watching you
    Google Ad Leverages Adorable Asian Baby to Get You to Give Up Your DataThey are using blobs against you!
  11. iphone therefore i am
    Apple Deigns to Explain Privacy Tracking So You Noobs Will Shut Up Already JeezAlso they blame a “bug.”
  12. private eyes are watching you
    iPhone Tracks Your Location Even If You Opt Out [Updated]Why we’re still not freaking out.