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    Facebook Has One Big Problem in Its Quest to Transform ItselfThe site offers little anonymity, even as it encourages users to post intimately in private spaces.
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    Alexa, Give My Data Over to DevelopersAmazon is considering allowing third-party app developers access to your voice queries to Alexa.
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    Judge Dismisses Facebook Tracking LawsuitHaving a “like” button on a website doesn’t count as wiretapping.
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    Can Cities Protect the Free, Open Internet for Everyone?When cities like New York shape the internet to their needs and beliefs, the web — and society — benefit.
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    Dear Select All: Should I Get a VPN?With the FCC able to sell my browsing data, is it time to sign up for a VPN?
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    It’s Time for a Grassroots Movement Toward Better Online PrivacyCongress won’t fight for you. Corporations won’t protect you. It’s only going to get worse.
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    There’s No Such Thing As an Anonymous Social-Media AccountIt took less than a day for James Comey’s secret Twitter and Instagram accounts to be discovered.
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    What to Know About Congress’s New Internet-Privacy RollbackWhy Republicans and the telecom industry want to nullify privacy regulations.
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    Senate Approves Letting ISPs Sell Your Info Without PermissionAnother Obama rule gets reversed.
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    Enormous Corporate Database Leaks Info of 33 Million PeopleA Dun & Bradstreet database has been leaked to the web, filled with incredibly detailed information.
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    How a Plush Toy Exposed Millions of Voice Messages Between Kids and ParentsA message you can hug, but probably shouldn’t.
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    How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe While Entering the United StatesDon’t want a customs agent looking through your Twitter DMs? Here’s how.
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    GOP Senator Wants to Let Your ISP Sell Your Info to Advertisers AgainAnother consumer protection could quickly get rolled back under the new Washington regime.
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    What Your Smart TV Knows About YouWhat your smart TV may be tracking about your viewing habits — and how to get it to stop.
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    Vizio Smart TVs Were Watching Everything You WatchedStare into a Vizio smart TV and a Vizio smart TV stares back.
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    The Encrypted Chat App That’s Booming in a Post-Trump WorldWith a Trump presidency looming, the private-messenger app Signal is suddenly much more popular.
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    Use Windows? Disable Flash Right NowA massive vulnerability in Windows was revealed by Google, of all companies.
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    How to Get Google to Stop Personally Tracking YouKeep your personal business yours, even while using Google.
  19. If You’re Ever Dissed in a Hacked Email, Try to Respond Like Larry LessigWikiLeaks revealed that some Clinton aides hate Larry Lessig. Lessig is outraged – that those aides had their privacy violated.
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    Can You Be Online Without Leaving Any Digital Fingerprints?We talked to a security expert about whether true anonymity is possible in 2016.
  21. How Lizzy Caplan and Daniel Radcliffe Keep Their Accounts Safe From Hackers“I am so paranoid about my online security, more than anybody I know. I live in fear, like a grandmother!”
  22. Microsoft Sues DOJ to Let Customers Know When Their Emails Are Being ReadAnother tech company argues for privacy.
  23. Cocky FBI Is Now Helping Local Authorities Hack Into iPhonesWith its still-secret method.
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    New Wi-Fi Kiosks Are Spying on You, Says NYCLUThey’re worried about “the vast amount of private information retained.”
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    Could Cops Use Facebook Reactions to Target Criminals?The fraught relationship between law enforcement and social media will only be further complicated by Facebook’s new feature.
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    Did You Know Facebook Is Probably Tracking Your Sleep Habits? Sleep Tight!Facebook isn’t watching you sleep. It just knows when you go to bed and when you get up!
  27. Gates: Sometimes FBI Should Access Private DataThe ticking-time-bomb scenario comes to your phone.
  28. How Germany Is Dealing With Its Facebook Hate-Speech ProblemA country that’s seen the worst excesses of nationalism and repression tries to grapple with both on social media.
  29. Uber Promises It’s Not Looking at Your Data, Except When It Wants ToThe swank libertarian ride-sharing service has published a “privacy” policy.
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    A Step-by-Step Guide to Facebook Account PrivacyReviewing your timeline, preventing break-ins, and avoiding creepy ads. 
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    The Navy Can’t Snoop Through Your Computer for Child Porn, Court RulesBecause the military has limits.
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    The CIA Collects Data in Bulk, Just Like the NSAJust sensitive financial information, not phone calls.
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    Commercial Internet Encryption No Match for the NSA, It Turns OutThey’ve been breaking codes for years now.
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    Company That Vetted Snowden Accused of Chronic Slacking, Lying to the GovernmentBut trust them, our data is safe.
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    The NSA Could Track Cell Users’ Locations, Chooses Not ToYou’re welcome, America.
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    NSA Spying Sparks Blowback From the ACLU, Tech Giants, and EuropeAnd the first major lawsuit.
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    Officials Wonder Why Snowden Had So Much Access, Suggest He’s LyingThough he explained it’s because he was the IT guy.
  38. Government Defends Phone & Internet SurveillanceSupposedly the programs are “important and entirely legal.”
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    NSA Monitors Most Phones, Collects Credit DataSorry Verizon customers, you’re not that special.
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    The Government Is Also Spying on Your Internet Activity With a Secret ProgramApple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and more are all involved.
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    If You Have Verizon, the NSA Has Been Secretly Collecting Your Phone RecordsApparently the Bush-era practice lives on.
  42. mea culpas
    Facebook Is Not Quite Sorry for Changing Your E-mail AddressWith “hindsight,” the company said it could’ve communicated better with users.
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    Facebook Wants to Know About Your Organ Donor Status It’s complicated?
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    Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords Is Probably a Fake TrendFor now.
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    Senators Call for Investigation Into Employers Demanding Facebook LoginsAccess may be denied.
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    Dept. of Homeland Security Hopes to Be Anti-NYPD When It Comes to Domestic SurveillanceBut there are allegations that the agency targeted political speech online.
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    Google Knows Everything You’ve Ever Done, EverThe digital overlord has too much information, according to one columnist.
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    Facebook Promises FTC a Little More User PrivacyThe settlement includes some concessions and twenty years of privacy audits.
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    Google Often Gives the Government What It WantsThe company almost always gives up user data when asked.
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    What Did Ray Kelly Do Today?The NYCLU believes we have a right know.
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