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  1. school daze
    Private-School Parents Spy on Prospective Students’ Families Of course.
  2. real estate
    Upper East Side Condo Taps Into Private-School AgitaFancy building courts fancy moms.
  3. education
    New NYC High School to Try Out That Whole Experimental ThingThe library “will focus on information, not printed books.”
  4. education
    NYC Private School Tuition Breaks the $40,000 BarrierParents shrug.
  5. school daze
    When Kids From a Ritzy Private School Burned Down a Public School Playground, Parents Somehow Took It As a Class IssueHow did they come to that conclusion?
  6. school daze
    Even Raising a Child Genius Might Not Get Your Kindergartner Into a Good SchoolThirteen percent more NYC kindergartners tested “gifted.”