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  1. ilhan omar
    Profiling Doesn’t Bother Conservatives Unless It Targets White PeopleA deceptively edited video of Ilhan Omar describing the pitfalls of racial profiling has conservatives accusing her of racism.
  2. math is hard
    Economist Profiled After Doing Math on PlaneThe Italian UPENN professor was on his way to give a talk on menu costs and price dispersion. 
  3. profiling
    Holder Plans to Expand Limits on Profiling by Federal AgentsOr at least, that’s what he told Mayor De Blasio.
  4. cable news
    Talk Box: Cable News Prefers Profiling to Pat-Downs in TSA DebateBut liberal talker Ed Schultz dissents with a Rush Limbaugh/Fox News conspiracy theory.
  5. profiling
    What’s Really Driving the Crackdown on Financial Criminals?“You’re under arrest for fraud, and possession of a Bedazzler.”