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  1. local
    Columbia University to Set Up $100 Million Fund for Patients of Predator OB-GYNColumbia announced a number of major initiatives including an independent investigation after it was revealed it ignored warnings about Robert Hadden.
  2. select all
    Want to Buy Ads Targeting ‘Jew Haters’? Try Facebook!ProPublica reporters used Facebook to buy ads targeted at anti-Semites.
  3. Tom Price Bought Pharma Stocks — Then Lobbied for the Industry in AustraliaThe Health secretary’s blatant corruption grows even more blatant.
  4. NYPD Booting Innocent People From Their HomesEvicted on a hunch?
  5. ProPublica Becomes the Darknet’s First Major News SiteNow you can buy Indian Oxycontin and read Chinese internet censorship on the very same network!
  6. media
    ProPublica Wants to Pay an Intern to Investigate Internships Journalism.
  7. scandals
    Cincinnati IRS Office Also Released Confidential Documents to Reporters Nine unapproved tax-exemption applications were sent to ProPublica.
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    New York Prosecutors Can Get Away With Almost AnythingA new investigation found that misconduct never leads to punishment.
  9. media
    ProPublica’s Paul Steiger Out As Editor and CEOHe’s stepping back from the lucrative journalism nonprofit world.
  10. prizes
    Wall Street Journal Wins Pulitzer Prize for Anti-Obamacare EditorialsAnd ProPublica won again.
  11. ink-stained wretches
    Six-Figure Salaries: A Win for Nonprofit Journalism?There’s money to be made in nonprofit journalism.