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  1. bird talk
    Meet Brooklyn’s Newest Power CoupleRecent bald-eagle sightings are delighting human visitors and terrorizing bird residents in Prospect Park.
  2. Prospect Park Hires Goats As Adorable Fix for Hurricane Damage The Prospect Park Alliance is taking a gambol.
  3. The Invisible Black Man on a Prospect Park StatueThe other figures, human and animal, are identified. He isn’t.
  4. gallery
    Dogs With GoPros: What New York City Looks Like From a Pooch’s Point of ViewA photo experiment.
  5. game of drones
    Plane Forced to Cede Skies to Tiny Drone Flying Above Prospect ParkThe passenger jet was on its way to La Guardia. 
  6. urban fauna
    Gallery: The Birders of Prospect Park, Out in Peak SeasonIt’s a prime stopover for North America’s most colorful birds returning from the tropics.
  7. oh brooklyn
    Skeleton Wearing Brooklyn Nets Hat Poses in Prospect ParkKevin Garnett?
  8. neighborhood news
    Did Someone Set Up a Bicyclist Booby Trap in Prospect Park? For some reason, the NYPD doesn’t want to know.
  9. dead animals
    Goat Head Turns Up in Brooklyn, Probably As Part of a Ritual SacrificeProspect Park goes Santería?
  10. Man Found Hanged in Prospect ParkAn apparent suicide.
  11. neighborhood news
    Obama Doesn’t Need All of Prospect Park to Land a HelicopterParts will stay open, but which ones?
  12. neighborhood news
    Prospect Park Will Close Friday for Obama#thanksObama
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Alleged Pit Bull–Siccing Dog Stabber ArrestedPark patrons pointed him out to cops.
  14. bummers
    Final Day of the Great GoogaMooga Called Off Over RainAnd concerns about “safety and prevention of damage to the park grounds.”
  15. ice skating rinks
    Sorry Brooklyn: Your Skating Rinks Are IcedNeither McCarren Pool nor Prospect Park will have rinks.
  16. neighborhood news
    Astor Family Protected From the Gaze of Abraham LincolnOutrage!
  17. neighborhood news
    There Is a Group of Vagrants Who Eat Squirrels, Ducks, and Pigeons From Prospect ParkLocally sourced food: huge in Brooklyn.
  18. stress reduction
    Goose Killers Not Even Bothering With Prospect Park This YearAnother 800 Canada geese will be killed, but NOT in Prospect Park.
  19. i don’t believe in peter pan frankenstein or superman
    Marty Markowitz Is Not Sure Bike-Lane Enthusiasts Understand the Difference Between Brooklyn and AmsterdamHe knows what you’re trying to do to his borough.
  20. badass birds
    Prospect Park’s Geese Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good NightSome survived the brutal gas attacks, and now more geese have flown to Brooklyn.
  21. the most important birds in the world
    Sticky Now Being Hunted by PaparazziIt’s only a matter of time before this Prospect Park goose is giving Barbara Walters an interview.
  22. why they hate us
    Without Human Intervention, Sticky Removes Arrow From Own NeckDon’t question how he did it.
  23. neighborhood news
    Sticky, the Prospect Park Goose, Soon Won’t Be Able to EscapeThe city will wait until he molts, at which point they will try to remove the arrow from his neck. So they say.
  24. neighborhood news
    Prospect Park Goose Maybe Just a Total BadassGoose is way less bothered about the arrow in his neck than humans who are chasing him.
  25. why they hate us
    Somebody Shot a Goose Through the Neck in Prospect ParkSo far, he’s fine.
  26. neighborhood news
    Prospect Park Has Come a Long Way in Three DecadesBut there’s one last thing that park administrator Tupper Thomas would like to see erased.
  27. neighborhood news
    Times Polls Two Divergent Neighborhoods for On-the-Street Feelings About BloombergYou would not believe the difference between what people are thinking in Prospect Heights and Park Slope.
  28. parks and recreation
    Michael Jackson’s Birthday Is Gonna Get a Bigger ParkSpike Lee’s Jackson celebration moves to Prospect Park.
  29. neighborhood watch
    Brooklyn This Old House Episodes to Finally AirFascinating remodeling tips and thick Boston accents come to a brownstone right off Prospect Pahk.
  30. neighborhood watch
    Dogs Officially ‘Personae Non Woofis’ in Big Chunks of Prospect ParkEven on a leash!
  31. neighborhood watch
    You Had to Risk Death to See the Plans to Make Grand Army Plaza Less DeadlySo thanks for your troubles, but don’t expect the plans to come true.
  32. neighborhood watch
    Windsor Terrace Really Finding Its Voice!Don’t ban cars from Prospect Park, the Terricians wail. They’ll just go into our neighborhood!
  33. neighborhood watch
    What — or Who — Pooped in the Prospect Park Sandbox?A mystery poop enrages habitués of a Prospect Park sandbox, the “Pride of Spanish Harlem” becomes its shame, and a very strange video emerges from a Bushwick barbecue. That and more in today’s boroughs roundup.
  34. in other news
    Big Love in Brooklyn?A group of “co-living enthusiasts” sets off our perv sensors.
  35. neighborhood watch
    Long Island City Gets a BreakdownNaked butts in Prospect Heights, Pope dreams in Mott Haven, and a touching tale of man and squirrel out of Prospect Park. What other fun-size borough bites await in our daily Neighborhood Watch?
  36. neighborhood watch
    The High Line Blogs!Bay Ridge: Hey, who’s dumping the huge piles of plastic spoons in Owl’s Head Park? Will huge piles of Pinkberry follow? [Right in Bay Ridge] Chelsea: The High Line is blogging and social networking! And it already has 47 fans! [Facebook and High Line Blog] Gramercy: That big new condo on 23rd Street and Third Avenue won’t be sold chockablock to rich Irish folks after all … looks like it’s gonna be a big fat NYU dorm! [Villager]
  37. neighborhood watch
    Can Ethan Hawke Save the Chelsea Hotel?Astoria: A month after its opening day, the Astoria Park Pool is still closed. [LICNYC] Chelsea: Hood heartthrob Ethan Hawke stopped by the Chelsea Hotel to tell the new managers he’s watching them like a, well, hawk. [Living with Legends] Dumbo: Filming on the latest mind-bending Charlie Kaufman flick is taking place here. [DumboNYC] Flatbush: Finally see the faces behind all those snarky Brooklyn blogs … they were all here last night at café Vox Pop. [Flatbush Gardener] Long Island City: Gentrification has brought a bevy of laundromats to the area. Now where are all the damn cobblers? [LICNYC] Park Slope: Taggers don’t take kindly to a new Prudential Douglas Elliman office. [Gowanus Lounge] Prospect Park: Cars aren’t supposed to be in the park after seven, but video surveillance by annoyed pedestrians catches violators. [StreetFilms via Gothamist]
  38. neighborhood watch
    New Park Confuses Williamsburg ResidentsChelsea: Cat litter in the toilets at the Chelsea Hotel is a common-enough problem to write a sign about. [Living with Legends] East Village: Secret plans have surfaced to turn Stuy Town into a super-sleek eco-paradise! [Curbed] Greenpoint: Around these parts, some prefer vinyl siding for their façades, others prefer … needlepoint? [Newyorkshitty] Little Neck: Mayor Bloomberg and friends were booed at the Memorial Day parade here. [Queens Crap] Midtown: Should the congestion-pricing border start at 59th Street? That’s what an uptown pol suggests. [Streetsblog] Prospect Park: Neighbors want the redesigned Wollman Rink to turn into a pool in the summer. [Across the Park] Williamsburg: If a park opens and no one is around to use it… [Brownstoner]
  39. neighborhood watch
    Nature Gets Scary in Prospect ParkEast New York: Unlimited! Free! Compost! [Brooklyn Record] Greenpoint: The best-dressed man about town says his outfits are inspired by a lack of clean clothes. [Newyorkshitty] Long Island City: It’s getting closer to moving day in the luxury condos. [Curbed] Park Slope: Get your tickets for weekend house tours. [Dope on the Slope] Prospect Park: What does a white squirrel say about Brooklyn gentrification? [Englishman in New York] Williamsburg: Happily, it’s outdoor couch season again. [Gowanus Lounge]
  40. neighborhood watch
    Fake-Poor Kids Derided in WilliamsburgBedford-Stuyvesant: There are no outstanding violations, so why hasn’t there been any work at 377 Franklin Avenue for the past three months? [Brownstoner] Chelsea: Communist Party headquarters on 23rd Street rent out space to (gasp!) a real-estate agency, proving even pinkos can’t resist the potential lucre of the housing bubble. [Blog Chelsea] Lower Manhattan: Those huge light projections you’ll see tonight are actually an antiwar protest. BYO candle. [1010 WINS via Gothamist] Prospect Park: So where exactly can you pick up a free wi-fi signal? [Daily Slope] Williamsburg: How quickly the trust-funded hipsters turn on each other when the Times reveals that one-quarter of their parents bought their apartments for them. [Gawker]
  41. cultural capital
    Everything Is Illuminated Last night was the kickoff of Prospect Park in Lights, a holiday public-art thingie in which four of the Brooklyn park’s entrances are decorated with seasonably over-the-top lighting displays. (Apparently some 4 million LEDs are involved.) We’ve been looking at some photos of the event posted by the Gothamist kids — including the above image, by Atomische — and we’re thinking it looks kind of cool. We’re also thinking we’re glad we don’t pay the park’s Con Ed bill. Light Waves in Brooklyn [Gothamist]
  42. neighborhood watch
    Have a Global Warmy Christmas in Prospect ParkBrooklyn Heights: A tree may grow here, but apparently grass doesn’t. [Twofones via Brooklyn Heights Blog] East Village: Cooper Union students respond to impending demolition of the Hewitt building with apropos typeface. [RazorApple] Kensington: Don’t be jealous of South Slope. There are plenty of permit-less contractors for everyone. [Brownstoner] Maspeth: It’s not like you forgot about this neighborhood. You had no idea it existed. [Forgotten NY] Prospect Park: It’s above 60 degrees today, so it must be time to turn on the Christmas lights at Grand Army Plaza. [Brooklyn Record] West Village: Expect the mother of all beg-a-thons when WNYC moves into new digs. [The Villager]
  43. neighborhood watch
    Live Your TryptophantasyBrooklyn: Is there a doctor in the borough? [Brooklyn Record] Prospect Park: Skate off the tryptophan at Wollman Rink, which opens for the season on Thursday. [Prospect Park Alliance via A Brooklyn Life] Red Hook: Two ugly houses across the street from the projects are still vacant? This real-estate market is downright chilly. [Brownstoner] Wall Street: Learn Esperanto on Wednesdays. If you want. [Your Blog About Town]