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  1. when what happens in vegas doesn’t stay there
    College Student Sues Hooker in What Could Be Landmark CaseHubert Blackman stands up for blue balls.
  2. prosties
    New York’s ‘No. 1 Escort’ Gets Time ServedYou just can’t keep Natalie McLennan down.
  3. cindyspeak
    Cindy Adams Is Trying to Tell Us Something About Maximiliano PalacioHe has a job that rhymes with “booker.”
  4. america’s prostie
    Ashley Dupré Is Ready to Be ObjectifiedAs long as it’s on her terms.
  5. ballsy prostitutes
    Blog Post From Former Prostie Reignites Age-old Debate: Are All Women Whores?Ashley Dupre’s comments about New York women have set off a heated debate.
  6. client 9
    Spitzer Foe Opposes Former Governor’s Plans to Run for OfficeAshley Dupré is “not happy about it,” the former prostie says through her spokesMILF.
  7. real estate porn
    Sleep Where Marc Dreier Slept!(With hookers.)