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  1. Legalize This Now!The Times wants to legalize pot. New York wants to legalize cutting the tags off your own damn mattress. 
  2. progress
    New York State Might Become More Condom-FriendlyIt’s currently seen as evidence of prostitution.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Super Bowl Brings Prostitution Back to Times SquareSo retro.
  4. sad things
    Legendary Hot 97 D.J. Mister Cee Resigns Amid New Gay Prostitute GossipThe NYC institution announced his departure on air today.
  5. client 9
    Eliot Spitzer Does Not Think the Thing He Did Should Be LegalSort of. 
  6. early and awkward
    Did the State Department Cover Up Prostitution and Drug Scandals?A whistle-blower says yes.
  7. Not to Be Outdone, NYPD Arrests 156 JohnsTo Nassau’s 104.
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    The 13 Most Unfortunate Mug Shots of Busted Long Island JohnsA total of 104 men were arrested in “Operation Flush the Johns.”
  9. progress
    If You Carry Lots of Condoms, the Brooklyn D.A. Won’t Hold It Against YouPreviously, they would have assumed you’re a prostitute.
  10. blog-stained wretches
    Daily Caller: WaPo Can’t Keep Hookers StraightSupposedly Menendez’s lady friend has been misidentified again.
  11. blog-stained wretches
    Daily Call Girl Smacks Down Daily CallerSenator Bob Menendez’s alleged prostitute is now saying she lied for money.
  12. oh new jersey
    Senator Bob Menendez Writes $58,500 Check for Not Doing Anything WrongJust in case.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Millionaire Madam’ Will Name Names on Dr. PhilThere’s going to be a “giant name dropped.”
  14. not-so-secret service
    Woman in Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Is Writing Her MemoirIncluding the childhood tales the world is clamoring for.
  15. ‘Millionaire Madam’ Takes Plea Deal, Avoids More Jail TimeAnd spills the contents of her little black book.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    Prostitute ‘Family’ Protesting in Defense of Their Alleged Sex TraffickersIt was quite the scene at a Manhattan courthouse yesterday.
  17. culture of smut
    Here Are Some More Smutty Secret Service Stories These date back to 2003.
  18. not-so-secret service
    Woman in Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Ready to ProfitShe’s pretty pissed at the “idiot” agents.
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Pimps and Customers Are Being Targeted in NYC Prostitution CasesProsecutors and the NYPD are undergoing a “paradigm shift.”
  20. not-so-secret service
    Name of the Secret Service’s Infamously Cheap Agent Revealed A Maryland father of two. 
  21. crimes and misdemeanors
    Supposed Millionaire Madam Now Taking Bail Donations OnlineHer family says she’s being treated like a “war criminal.”
  22. scandals
    U.S. Marines Also Had a Disgraceful Fight With a ProstituteThe Secret Service scandal is dredging up some ugly realities.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Father-and-Son Black-Cab Sex Ring BustedThe Manahttan DA announced details of a new trafficking case today.
  24. secret service
    How a Few Horny Agents Made the Secret Service Look Bad Is it really the agency’s worst scandal?
  25. scandals
    Obama’s Secret Service Detail Recalled From Colombia Over Prostitution-Related Misconduct [Updated]It all started when an agent refused to pay. 
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    Manhattan Madam Case Spiced Up AgainAlleged accomplice Jaynie Mae Baker has turned herself in.
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    Manhattan Madam Anna Gristina Swears She Won’t Snitch on ClientsIn an interview from Rikers, she says she’s not the big fish authorities were after.
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Can’t Quite Crack Prostitution ProblemWhile other crimes are dropping, the sex trade is holding steady.
  29. pimpin’ ain’t easy
    Self-Professed ‘Pimp King’ Jason Itzler Is Back in Court With a New YarnA ruthlessly surreal tale involving Billy Ray Cyrus.
  30. losing your religion
    Arizona Church Busted As Prostitution RingChurch members apparently performed sexual favors in exchange for “donations.”
  31. pretty women
    High-End Brooklyn Prostitution Ring Busted“Men come to New York, and they need some companionship.”
  32. girls gone wild
    Topless Ukranian Protesters: ‘The Entire Ukraine Is a Brothel’New revolts against sex tourism are making waves.
  33. international intrigue
    Berlusconi Was Merely Trying to Host ‘Carefree, Elegant Dinners’ When All That Prostitution HappenedItaly’s Martha Stewart.
  34. sex work
    Governor Paterson Signs New Bill Clearing Prostitution Convictions, in Certain CasesGood news for former forced sex workers, or anyone with humanity.
  35. client 9
    Eliot Spitzer: Inspirer of ProstitutesThere was something almost … noble in his pursuit of illegal sex.
  36. summering
    Inexpensive Prostitute Ring Busted on the East End!What? There was a market gap.
  37. big mistake. big. huge.
    Craigslist’s Erotic Services Are Now Simply ‘Adult’Apparently they think this will keep the working girls from peddling their wares.
  38. it just happened
    No Criminal Charges Against SpitzerThe United States Attorney’s office today announced that they will not be filing federal charges against former governor Eliot Spitzer.
  39. call service
    Ashley Dupré’s Breast Implants ‘Not the Greatest’That’s what we learn from a book excerpt by a former call-girl colleague of Eliot Spitzer’s favorite little prostie.
  40. crazytown
    Possible Dinosaur Hooker Ring Busted in TribecaA den of dominatrices with potentially funny habits was just raided by vice cops downtown.
  41. in other news
    Ho, No: Ashley Alexandra Dupré May Get Reality Show?Eliot Spitzer’s pross could soon be coming into your living room nightly.
  42. neighborhood watch
    Dwarf Pimp Busted in Bed-StuyThe rides at Coney are reportedly dangerous, Malcolm Gladwell buys up more of the West Village, and a little person gets caught big pimpin’ in Bed-Stuy. Ho-hum, just the start of another week in our daily boroughs report.
  43. in other news
    We Are All Ashley Alexandra DupréPerformance artist Karen Finley has created a performance-art piece that lets us into the mind of America’s prostie.
  44. in other news
    Kristen: A Hooker in Three PartsSo we know Ashley returned to Manhattan yesterday — but let’s get a really good look at her, shall we?
  45. in other news
    Kristen Is Back!Ashley Alexandra Dupré comes back to Manhattan, which means we all get to look at pictures of hookers again!
  46. in other news
    The Other Kristen Davis Is Whorey Too!An explanation for today’s news that a 32-year-old hedge-fund lady was arrested yesterday for running a ring of high-priced prostitutes.
  47. company town
    Eliot Spitzer Hires Guides to Keep Him From Washing Down River of DespairLAW • Eliot Spitzer has been careful about the lawyers he’s selected to protect him against potential charges related to his activities with random twentysomething hookers, hiring a set of heavy hitters from white-collar crime specialists Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. He’s right to be choosy: “Hiring a lawyer is not unlike selecting a river guide,” the Times says today. “One wants a professional who not only steers clear of the rapids but does so in a reassuring manner. It also helps if he knows what to do should the boat hit the rocks.” Yeah. That’s just how we would have put it. [NYT] • A New York court rules that the daughter of a Jell-O heiress is not entitled to a taste of the multi-million-dollar fortune. [New York Law Journal] • Is Hillary Clinton’s legal background hindering her campaign? [Law.com]
  48. in other news
    Kristen Is Rich Last night, Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a.k.a. “Kristen,” told the New York Times she was worried about paying her rent in the fancy Flatiron district building in which she lives. But in fact, in the less than 24 hours since that interview took place, Dupre’s personal wealth has increased considerably. The two songs on her Amie Street profile, which each cost 98 cents, have reportedly been downloaded more than two million times, and according to that site’s business model, Dupré should receive 70 percent of the total profit. Plus! Playboy and Penthouse are both reportedly interested in setting up photo shoots. “We’ve already discussed some options,” Penthouse publisher Diane Silberstein tells Radar, adding that they’d pay in the “high six figures.” Book publishers, however, are dragging their feet. “I don’t think it’s worth anything,” HarperCollins publisher Jonathan Burnham tells Portfolio today, making us want to wrap our hands around his neck and administer a light throttle. “There’s no story there.” Seriously? Does no one remember for instance the best-selling Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, soon to be an HBO series with Darren Star? Hookers are so hot right now.
  49. in other news
    As We Win One Hooker, We Lose Another In the excitement surrounding the unveiling of Kristen, the Jersey-grown hooker who (accidentally) brought Eliot Spitzer down, we almost missed the fact that last night, the city lost another famous prostitute. Andreia Schwartz, the “millionaire” madam who was arrested last year for running a brothel on West 58th Street where call girls got paid between $700 and $1,500 an hour (how quaint!), was quietly deported back to her native Brazil after twenty months in prison and, the Post tells us, serving as a source for the federal authorities who were probing Spitzer. Schwartz’s biggest client was Time Warner CFO Wayne Pace, who she said paid her about $200,000 and helped her buy the apartment out of which she ran her business. He denied it and got off with only a terrible reputation, but now we’re wondering … who were clients one through eight? Kinky Link to Brazil’s Bombshell[NYP] Earlier: Eliot Spitzer’s ‘Kristen’ Somehow Much More Adorable Than Anticipated
  50. in other news
    You Can Say This About the Girls of the Emperor’s Club: They’re No MoronsYesterday the Feds busted the Emperor’s Club, a New York–based escort service that provided, according to their Website, “refined and successful international clients” looking for “risk-free dating … without long-term-commitment intricacies” with “exclusive, beautiful, educated companions of fine family and career backgrounds.” You know, hookers. Of the four people charged with running the service, three of them were women. Still, from the phone records in the FBI affidavit, parts of which are up on the Smoking Gun, it didn’t seem like it was a woman-friendly workplace, from the male founder who said that a would-be call girl “looks like a butcher in my opinion” to the conversation about the “baggage” a worker with kids has to the outraged indignation of an applicant who was “shock and confuse” that the company expected its employees to have sex with men who don’t even take them out to dinner. But then comes a tender moment between one self-aware prostie and her pimpette.
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