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  1. republican theory
    Dennis Quaid Swears His White House Coronavirus Ad Campaign Isn’t Political“It is being used by the cancel-culture media.”
  2. psa
    A Times Square Tribute to All of UsTwo dozen artists say thank-you.
  3. instagram
    PSA: Instagram Stories Moved All Its Buttons AroundSave yourself the embarrassment of posting content you didn’t mean to share.
  4. select all
    That Whole ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ Thing Still Applies to Your FeetThis has been a public service announcement.
  5. psa
    The High Line Can Be Used for Regular Walking and Fancy WalkingAccording to the ‘Times.’
  6. talking about the weather
    It’s Very, Very Hot in New York TodayHug your air conditioner tight.
  7. party chat
    AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Thinks Children Should Spend Less Time on Their Computers“Well — I don’t want them outside THAT much!”