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  1. 100-person poll
    100 Psychics on What Their Clients Want to Know About 2020Who will win the election? Will Trump go to prison? Can you tell if I have COVID-19? And more questions about these uncertain times.
  2. weird things
    NYC Psychic Arrested for Charging Sucker $713,975This is a weird one.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Psychic Convinced Twentysomething Her Curse Could Be Lifted for Only $217,040According to new grand larceny charges.
  4. sylvia mitchell
    ‘Psychic’ Scammer Has Perfect HindsightShould have taken that plea deal.
  5. ballsy crime
    Breaking: Some Psychics May Be Frauds“Intuitive psychic” Laura Day is the latest soothsayer to be accused of unsavory behavior.
  6. in other news
    Last-Minute Settlement in Seth Tobias Case“No one wins and no one loses,” in case of hedge-fund drowning, says attorney.