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  1. coronavirus
    Coronavirus in New York: Latest UpdatesMayor De Blasio is warning New Yorkers that they may have to “improvise” when it comes to their transportation.
  2. coronavirus
    10 Bits of Good News in the War on the Coronavirus (and 10 Bits of Bad News)The outlook for a vaccine is getting sunnier — but the summer sun’s capacity to inhibit infection is looking weaker.
  3. vision 2020
    If He Wants to Save the Country, Biden Needs to Understand Obama’s FailuresIf he wins, Biden will face challenges more daunting than those Obama faced, and failed to vanquish, in 2009. He’ll need to aim higher.
  4. public health
    What the Coronavirus Models Can’t SeeDeaths and new infections in the U.S. are surpassing projections even during lockdowns, and it’s likely to get worse.
  5. just asking questions
    Why Humanity Will Probably Botch the Next Pandemic, TooA conversation with Mike Davis, author of 2005’s The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu, about nationalism, capitalism, and COVID-19.
  6. trump administration
    HHS Secretary Alex Azar May Be Fired, But Not for Mismanaging the CoronavirusOn Sunday night, President Trump denied the reports and insisted Azar “is doing an excellent job.”
  7. coronavirus
    We Still Don’t Know How the Coronavirus Is Killing UsSix months in, doctors and researchers are continuing to discover dangerous new ways COVID-19 affects the body.
  8. coronavirus
    There Is A White House Blockade Stopping States From Getting Coronavirus PPEThe NEJM has published a horrifying account of a health-care executive trying to evade what appear to be mafia tactics by the federal government.
  9. just asking questions
    What to Expect From the Race to Develop Coronavirus VaccinesDr. Peter Hotez explains the potential timeline for a coronavirus vaccine and shares his thoughts on chloroquine, remdesivir, and biotech bluster.
  10. coronavirus
    The Rapid Increase of U.S. Coronavirus Deaths in One Chilling GraphicData show that COVID-19 daily death toll keeps growing.
  11. nycha
    We Have No Idea How Many Public Housing Tenants — or Workers — Have Coronavirus“Staff is out there with nothing to help them fight against this virus.”
  12. feature
    Two Hours Daily to Sanitize, Two Hours to CryAn emergency-room doctor struggles to keep it together — and find supplies.
  13. coronavirus
    Philly Police Drag Man From Bus for Not Wearing a Face MaskA viral video of the incident forced Philadelphia transit authorities to rescind a coronavirus-prompted policy mandating that customers wear masks.
  14. coronavirus
    No, Trump Can’t Revive the Economy Through Human SacrificeSome conservatives are eager to endorse trading thousands of lives for a stock market rally even though that isn’t actually an option.
  15. coronavirus
    Members of Congress Who Have Tested Positive for CoronavirusThree members of Congress have tested positive COVID-19, so far.
  16. coronavirus
    Getting a Coronavirus Test Is Like ‘Being Stabbed in the Brain’Some patients have shared videos of taking the COVID-19 test, which requires a nasal swab and looks no fun at all.
  17. coronavirus
    We’re Lucky the Coronavirus Isn’t a Prolific Child KillerGiven our lack of preparedness, a disaster like this was inevitable. We’re lucky the one we got has a low fatality rate among children.
  18. coronavirus
    1,809 New Yorkers on Their Coronavirus Fears and PreparationsOn Wednesday, March 11, we asked people how they were coping. We got a lot of answers.
  19. coronavirus
    Pandemics Are a Great Reason to De-carcerateCoronavirus could wreak havoc on jails and prisons. If their inhumane conditions weren’t a self-evident reason to shrink them, this should be.
  20. coronavirus
    CDC’s Worst-Case Coronavirus Model: 214 Million Infected, 1.7 Million DeadNewly revealed projections warn of a massive potential toll in the U.S., but the worst-case estimate doesn’t factor in recent efforts to respond.
  21. coronavirus
    This Will Get WorseThe grim math of a coronavirus future.
  22. podcasts
    Galloway and Swisher on How Amazon Could Ride to the Rescue With COVID-19 Tests“We’d be all tucked in our beds with soup delivered to us if Amazon was running the show.”
  23. coronavirus
    The GOP’s Ideological Sickness Is Going to Get People KilledRepublicans are too obsessed with fighting imaginary crises to deal with the actual one that coronavirus presents.
  24. coronavirus
    Why Isn’t Trump in Quarantine?The president recently met with Jair Bolsonaro’s aide, who tested positive for coronavirus.
  25. vision 2020
    Biden Displays Unpresidential Competence in Coronavirus RemarksIn a marked departure from modern presidential norms, Biden opted to avoid spreading misinformation in his remarks on the pandemic.
  26. coronavirus
    Trump Vows More Rallies Despite CPAC Coronavirus CaseA CPAC attendee tested positive for COVID-19, but Trump is not concerned about the risks and vowed to hold “tremendous” campaign rallies.
  27. coronavirus
    Coronavirus Updates: Trump Admin Can’t Get Tests Out as Fast as PromisedOn Wednesday, Congress reportedly approved a significant emergency package, while the first death outside Washington was announced in California.
  28. gallery
    14 Photos of What Public Life Looks Like During a Coronavirus OutbreakThe emptiness is eerie.
  29. public health
    How Will New York City Respond to the Coronavirus?There are systems in place to deal with a pandemic, but this one would likely test the city’s public health authorities and affect day-to-day life.
  30. the national interest
    Trump Will Not Be the Churchill of the CoronavirusAs the world reaches for face masks, the president buries his head in the sand.
  31. coronavirus
    Experts Simulated a Coronavirus Pandemic Last Year and It Killed 65 MillionThe mock virus, modeled by public-health experts, revealed major challenges to responding to a coronavirus pandemic.
  32. trump administration
    Trump Insists on Paying for Coronavirus Prep by Taking Heating Aid From PoorThe White House’s neurotic obsession with hurting the disadvantaged is going to get us all killed (or, at least, many of us needlessly ill).
  33. vision 2020
    5 Ways a Coronavirus Pandemic Could Change the 2020 ElectionThe bug could expose Trump’s misrule and ruin his economic record — or validate his xenophobia and gift him a burst of catch-up growth this fall.
  34. life after warming
    What Coronavirus Teaches Us About Climate ChangeAdaptation is not enough.
  35. public health
    Who Thought Sucking on a Battery Was a Good Idea?Millions of Americans, some of them teens who never would’ve picked up a cigarette, are vaping. Last year’s panic might be the least of our worries.
  36. public health
    How Worried Should We Be About Coronavirus?Talking to a virologist about the flu, face masks and the danger in circulating research based on a handful of cases.
  37. public health
    What Experts Do and Don’t Know About the Coronavirus OutbreakFears of a pandemic continue to rise, but there are still more questions than answers.
  38. public health
    The Coronavirus Should Be a Wake-up Call for CongressAmerica has been recklessly underinvesting in pandemic prevention.
  39. outbreak
    Millions on Lockdown in China Amid Coronavirus OutbreakThe virus has killed 17 and spread to hundreds more, leading authorities to lock down cities and cancel major public holiday celebrations.
  40. public health
    Americans Are Dying Younger, Having Fewer Babies, Studies FindThe death rate among Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 is surging, while birth rates have hit a three-decade low.
  41. vaping
    Trump Sours on E-Cig Flavor Ban Amid Fear of Losing the Vaper VoteTeens don’t vote, but vapers do and Trump doesn’t want to lose them.
  42. public health
    McConnell Wants to Raise Tobacco Age to 21, in Rare Good GOP Public Health MoveMcConnell’s bill appears to be a step in the right direction to cut smoking, which makes it a departure from standard GOP policies on public health.
  43. the opioid epidemic
    Drug Overdoses Killed 72,000 in 2017, a New National RecordOverdose deaths now exceed the peak years for HIV, car crash, and firearm deaths.
  44. It’s Normal for the U.S. to Put Corporate Profits Above Babies’ HealthUnder Trump, America undermined global public health for the sake of enriching corporations. It did the same thing under Clinton and Obama.
  45. 3.2 Million Americans Gave Up Health Insurance Last Year, Study FindsTrump didn’t repeal Obamacare — but he did help engineer the first increase in America’s uninsured rate since that law took effect.
  46. Did Americans Turn to Opioids Out of Despair — or Just Because They Were There?A new study casts doubt on the idea that the epidemic is driven by economic hardship.
  47. The EPA Wanted to Delay New Lead-Paint Rules for 6 More Years. A Court Said No.After dragging its feet under Obama and Trump, the EPA now has 90 days to write stricter standards for what constitutes a “dangerous” level of lead.
  48. Drug Overdoses Killed 63,600 Americans Last YearGuns and car crashes have never killed that many Americans in a single year. And we’re doing virtually nothing about it.
  49. Why The Opioid Crisis Could Shatter Trump’s CoalitionRural America’s top problem can only be solved with policies that the Republican donor class will never allow.
  50. Trump’s CDC Pick Peddled ‘Anti-Aging’ Medicine to Her Gynecologic PatientsBrenda Fitzgerald is still among the most defensible appointments Trump has made.
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