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  1. early and often
    Bring Back the Public Option!Biden’s “battle for the soul of America” rerun won’t be enough against Trump in 2024. He needs to give voters something real.
  2. politics
    The Fight Over the Public Option Is Already HereThe largest health-care fight since Obamacare starts with a preemptive strike.
  3. health care
    COVID Is Killing State-Level Efforts to Make Health Care a RightBy blowing holes in budgets — and making heroes out of hospitals — the pandemic set back coverage expansions in states throughout the country.
  4. vision 2020
    How Biden Can Respond to the Left’s Demand for Medicare for AllBiden’s first “concessions” on health-care policy aren’t enough to satisfy progressives. He might want to emulate Warren’s two-step plan.
  5. vision 2020
    Biden Inches Toward Sanders on Health Care, Student LoansBut on health care in particular, Biden’s revised plan doesn’t do much for those about to get hammered with private-health-insurance costs.
  6. vision 2020
    Will Biden Actually Fight for a Public Option?The former veep is not actually going to have the opportunity to veto Medicare for All. But how will he enact his own proposal to expand coverage?
  7. vision 2020
    The Public Option Is Politically Superior to M4A — But Only As a Sound Bite“Medicare for All Who Want It” plays well on the stump. But in Congress, it would face about as many political obstacles as single-payer.
  8. health care
    If Democrats Flip Senate, They Plan to Fix Obamacare, Not Pass Medicare for AllIf Democrats win the Senate and take on the filibuster, their health-care agenda will involve an Obamacare fix and some strengthening of Medicare.
  9. health care
    Beto and Bernie Offer Competing Plans to Fix Health CareMedicare for All is still the dominant Democratic health-care idea for 2020, but the less ambitious plan backed by O’Rourke could be a competitor.
  10. Obamacare Was a Political SuccessIt hurt the Democrats in the short run. But new polling confirms that the ACA gave the left a permanent advantage in the health-care debate.
  11. Tim Kaine Declines to Sign Senate Resolution Calling for Public OptionThe public option may be Obamacare’s best hope for long-term success. And moderate Senate Democrats are lining up against it.
  12. health care
    Clinton Reaffirms Support for Public OptionShe has formally endorsed adding a public option to Obamacare, as well as lowering the age for Medicare access and expanding funding for health-clinic care. 
  13. weiners
    Anthony Weiner Both Realistic, Delusional About Health-Care Reform’s FateHe’s still pulling for the public option.
  14. health carnage
    The Public Option Will Never, Ever Die. Ever.It’s back again, for the 50th time.
  15. early and often
    Why Chuck Schumer Is Backing the Public Option (Again)The senator from New York is positioning himself to be majority leader.
  16. health carnage
    Is the Public Option Back Again, Again?Maybe, as usual.
  17. relationship advice for president obama
    Obama Is Trying Too Hard to Make Health-Care Reform Look PerfectObama claims he never actually campaigned on the public option. Fine … and?
  18. health carnage
    Health-Care Grandstanding Is Not OverThere are going to be a lot of people in the House of Representatives to appease.
  19. health carnage
    Roland Burris, and a Bunch of Other People, Could Still Hold Up Health-Care ReformHere’s why they’re still holding out, and whether we should take them seriously.
  20. health carnage
    White House: Appease LiebermanThat’s the message to Harry Reid, reportedly.
  21. health carnage
    Ha, Just Kidding, There Really Is No Health-Care DealNot yet, anyway.
  22. health carnage
    Public Option Supposedly Dead, AgainIt could be replaced by a privately run plan that sounds vaguely like something associated with the government.
  23. health carnage
    Joe Lieberman Is Playing Some Crazy Mind GamesWill he filibuster health care? It’s impossible to tell.
  24. what other people think
    How Great Is the Great Public-Option Victory of 2009?Opinions on the opt-out are in.
  25. health carnage
    The Senate Will Vote on a Public-Option OptionYou read that right.
  26. health carnage
    The Public Option Is Back, AgainHarry Reid is grabbing the bill by the horns.
  27. health carnage
    Heather Graham Stars in Surprisingly Effective Pro–Public Option AdThe actress demonstrates the public option as the ultimate capitalist health-care tool.
  28. health carnage
    It’s Back! The Public Option LivesMax Baucus: “This issue is alive.”
  29. health carnage
    Baucus Bill Saves Money (for Now!), and … Doesn’t Do Much ElseAnd more news on the current goings-on of health-care reform.
  30. health carnage
    Bi-partisan Group Votes Down Public OptionA handful of Democrats joined with their Republican colleagues against a government-run health-insurance option.
  31. health carnage
    So What Will Happen With the Public Option?As the Senate Finance Committee debates the public option, does it still stand a chance of passing?
  32. health carnage
    Turns Out Some People Really Want That Public OptionHouse liberals revolt!
  33. what other people think
    Possible Death of the Public Option: What’s the Big Deal?Many pundits say the public option was never really necessary anyway.
  34. early and often
    ‘Public Option’ May Get Its Plug PulledMomentum in Congress seems to be shifting away from one of Obama’s health-care hopes.