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  1. parental rights
    Parental-Rights Extremism Is on the MarchTrump’s education proposal is a revealing document.
  2. covid-19
    NYC Schools Will Reopen With Increased COVID TestingMayor de Blasio announced that students will be provided with at-home testing kits if there’s a positive COVID case in their classroom.
  3. the national interest
    Democrats Need to Face Up to Their Public School ProblemEducation should be helping Democrats, not hurting. What happened?
  4. education
    Free Lunch Doesn’t ‘Spoil’ SchoolchildrenA Wisconsin school board’s decision to ditch free meals for schoolkids exemplifies the “mean” in means-testing.
  5. u.s. supreme court
    ‘Cussing Cheerleader’ Wins in Supreme Court Free-Speech CaseThe Court decided 8-1 that obscene student tirades made on social media are protected unless they disrupt public-school activities.
  6. new york city
    New York City to Begin Phased Reopening of SchoolsPre-K and elementary-school students will be able to return on December 7, and the city is overhauling how it manages its schools amid the pandemic.
  7. bill de blasio
    Bill de Blasio Has No Idea What He’s Doing HereHe reportedly proposed “a contest” to come up with a plan to reopen schools. The chaos is so bad that one education union wants him stripped of power.
  8. coronavirus
    New York City Public Schools Will Not Reopen This School YearMayor de Blasio announced Saturday that the city’s 1.1 million public-school students would not be able to return to their classrooms until September.
  9. covid diary
    How Do You Get Laptops to 1.1 Million Public-School Students?An East Village principal, sick at home, tries to take his school remote.
  10. coronavirus
    New York City Public Schools Closed Over the CoronavirusMayor de Blasio announced Sunday night that the nation’s largest school system would be closed through at least April 20, effective Monday.
  11. coronavirus
    Our System of Federalism Is a Huge Problem in Fighting CoronavirusChaotic national leadership in a public-health crisis is bad enough, but our chaotic and decentralized system makes it all worse.
  12. interesting times
    The Presidency of Donald Trump Never Gets Any Less AbsurdWe have known this project’s nature since that journey down an escalator, and the surrealism has only intensified since.
  13. Trump May Try to Deport Legal Immigrants Who Get Federal BenefitsIn another big lurch in efforts to restrict legal immigration, Trump is mulling an order that would treat many people here legally as parasites.
  14. education
    Betsy DeVos Knew How to Wield Power in Michigan. It’s Not Working in D.C.Who is she? And how did she get to be head of our schools?
  15. Betsy DeVos Cites Jim Crow–Era College System As Model of ‘School Choice’The Education secretary explains that historically black colleges prove that publicly subsidizing unregulated private schools is a good idea.
  16. 7 Years After the Recession, America’s Public Schools Still Haven’t RecoveredAmerican public schools have 200,000 fewer workers — and 1 million more students — than they did before the Great Recession.
  17. segregation
    After 50 Years, Federal Court Orders Mississippi Town to Desegregate SchoolsIt took them long enough.
  18. 30 Newark Schools Shut Down Their Lead-Contaminated Drinking Fountains While Schumer proposes $100 million for New York schools to do their own testing. 
  19. public schools
    NYC Public Schools Add Two Muslim Holidays to CalendarStudents will now get Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr off from school.
  20. testing
    A Simple Way to Boost Minority Test ScoresWhat it says about testing is worth thinking about.
  21. scheduling snafus
    NYC Public Schools’ Silly Final Week ScheduleSchool year ends with a four-day weekend plus Wednesday half-day.
  22. where did all the white kids go?
    NYC Public Schools More Segregated Than EverBlack and Hispanic kids are increasingly isolated. 
  23. school daze
    Cathie Black Is Totally Cool With Losing Her JobShe spent her post-firing shoe shopping.
  24. school daze
    Cathie Black Is Out As Schools ChancellorAfter less than five months!!
  25. cathie black
    Cathie Black Has a Dismal Approval RatingNobody likes her!
  26. school daze
    City Unveils List of 4,600 Teachers to Be Cut If Albany Doesn’t Change ‘Last In, First Out’Naturally, the cuts would affect poor neighborhoods first.
  27. school daze
    Cathie Black Takes on Teacher TenureWow, going after the golden goose so soon?
  28. party chat
    Ryan Murphy: Glee to Aid New York City Public School for LGBT TeensThey will donate scholarship money and funding to the Harvey Milk School.
  29. school daze
    Teachers’ Union Blocks Post From Revealing Teacher Performance ReviewsThis could get ugly.
  30. school daze
    Bloomberg Suspends Hooker/Teacher Melissa PetroAnd she just got tenure!
  31. school daze
    Parents Irate Over Public High School Notification DelaysMany city kids don’t know when they’ll find out where they’ll go to school next year.
  32. school daze
    Fourth Grade Fight Club: The SqueakquelTurns out there have been other incidents of teacher-mandated brawls at P.S. 65.
  33. school daze
    Scary Cougar Teachers at James Madison Still on the ProwlANOTHER teacher at the school was busted for inappropriate relations with a student.
  34. teachers
    The Times Asks: Should Teachers Sell Lesson Plans?And should they be allowed to buy vacations with the money?
  35. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Flouts State Senate’s Efforts to End Mayoral Control of SchoolsThe Board of Education met briefly yesterday to give power back to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.
  36. school daze
    Bloomberg Dismisses Kindergarten ProtestsUm, you realize these people vote, right?
  37. school daze
    Now Middle-class Kindergartners Can’t Get Into Public School, EitherAs if being a 6-year-old in Manhattan wasn’t demoralizing enough already.