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  1. apocalypse wow
    Puerto Rico to Finance Bros: ‘Go Home’Tensions between longtime residents and the part-time nouveau riche were already high — then Hurricane Fiona hit.
  2. what we know
    Puerto Rico’s Power Grid Failed Again in Worst Disaster Since Hurricane MariaHurricane Fiona has knocked out most of the island’s power, as torrential rains have triggered mudslides and widespread flooding
  3. the money game
    Crypto Billionaire’s Possible Senate Run May Blow Up His Tax ShelterBrock Pierce is still exploring a long-shot bid in Vermont. Opting in could undermine his Puerto Rico residency.
  4. puerto rico
    Fed Up Over Power Outages, Puerto Ricans Took to the StreetsThousands marched on Friday to highlight continuing outages, rising bills, and concerns about the privatization of the power grid on the island.
  5. goings
    Scandal-Plagued McKinsey Ousts LeaderIt is telling that partners at the elite and secretive consulting firm have chosen not to give Kevin Sneader a second term at the helm.
  6. puerto rico
    Puerto Rico Is Recovering, But the Earthquakes Keep ComingMore than 1,400 earthquakes have hit the island in the past few weeks, leaving thousands homeless.
  7. vision 2020
    Trump Relies on Maduro-Bashing to Win Florida Next YearTrump’s attacks on Maduro are key to winning Florida’s Latino immigrants and boosting his advantage among Cuban-Americans despite his other policies.
  8. weather
    Everything We Know About Hurricane DorianAfter devastating the Bahamas, the Category 2 storm is moving up the East Coast, pounding the Carolinas with heavy rain and strong winds.
  9. authoritarianism
    Trump’s Lawless Wall and Callous Attacks on Puerto Rico Are ConnectedTrump’s campaign says of Democrats, “This country is ours, not theirs.” The president’s policies say the same.
  10. puerto rico
    Tropical Storm Dorian Could Devastate Underfunded Puerto RicoAs Trump moves FEMA money to the Mexican border and the island recovers from Maria, a severe tropical storm could punish Puerto Rico.
  11. politics
    Puerto Rico’s Problems Are Deeper Than One Corrupt GovernorEd Morales talks with Intelligencer about the roots of Puerto Rico’s problems in colonialism and the debt crisis.
  12. just asking questions
    A Puerto Rican Journalist Who Helped Expose Corrupt Governor on What Comes NextLuis Valentín, who helped expose corruption in the Rosselló administration, discusses structural problems and the government’s need to rebuild trust.
  13. puerto rico
    Puerto Rico Governor to Resign After Weeks of ProtestsPublic anger that had boiled over into massive street demonstrations was too much for Ricardo Rosselló to withstand.
  14. puerto rico
    Everything You Need to Know About the Massive Demonstrations in Puerto RicoDemonstrations calling for Governor Rosselló to resign come not only from a texting scandal but frustration over corruption and economic stagnation.
  15. politics
    Mitch McConnell Calls Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico ‘Full-Bore Socialism’The quote is certainly consistent with Mitch McConnell’s block-anything-blue legacy, but not all Republicans agree with their leader in the Senate.
  16. business
    McKinsey Is Running Puerto Rico — and Getting Paid Millions to Do ItWhy is the bankrupt island spending more than a billion dollars on expert advice?
  17. politics
    Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About Puerto RicoTrump’s long-standing antipathy for people of color is germane to his rhetoric on Puerto Rico.
  18. politics
    Puerto Rico’s Distress Shows Trump’s Contempt for Poor People of ColorThe island needs help, and it doesn’t sound like Trump is prepared to give it.
  19. government shutdown
    Trump May Accept Defeat on Wall Funding and Claim He’ll Get His Money ElsewhereAs Congress denies him anything like the border-wall money he’s demanded, Trump may claim he’ll “plus up” the amount via executive action.
  20. hurricane maria
    Trump Continues to Promote Puerto Rico Deaths Conspiracy TheoryThe president will never back down from a lie that makes him look good, and this one is no different.
  21. puerto rico
    Florida Republicans Scramble to Repudiate Trump Tweets on Maria Death TollThe president has thrown a stink bomb into Florida politics at the worst possible moment.
  22. puerto rico
    Trump: Democrats Faked 3,000 Hurricane Deaths in Puerto Rico to Make Me Look BadThe president argues that months-long shortages of electricity, food, and medical care couldn’t possibly have killed more than 18 people.
  23. puerto rico
    Trump: My Handling of the Hurricane in Puerto Rico Was an ‘Unsung Success’Trump says that his response to Hurricane Maria (which is estimated to have killed nearly 3,000 U.S. citizens) was “an incredible, unsung success.”
  24. 2018 senate elections
    Democratic Drive to Win Senate Hitting Some Barriers in Florida and New JerseyMost Senate observers are focused on Democrats in deep-red states. But Nelson of Florida is in trouble, and Menendez of New Jersey could be, too.
  25. Puerto Rico Admits Official Maria Death Toll Is Off by Nearly 1,400Though the official number still stands at 64, the government has acknowledged that 1,427 people died because of Hurricane Maria.
  26. Harvard Study: Hurricane Maria Killed Thousands of Puerto RicansThe official death toll stands at 64. But researchers say at least 4,645 people died as a result of the storm (and/or, the lackluster relief effort).
  27. hurricane maria
    Las Secuelas de María son la Verdadera Tragedia HumanitariaEl saldo de muertes del huracán en Puerto Rico amenaza con eclipsar el de Katrina.
  28. hurricane maria
    Hurricane Maria Was a Natural Catastrophe. The Aftermath Is a Man-Made Disaster.The death toll from the storm in Puerto Rico is threatening to eclipse Katrina’s.
  29. Puerto Rico’s Official Hurricane Maria Death Toll Off by 1,000, NYT ReportsThe official death toll after Hurricane Maria still stands at 62. That’s far too low.
  30. FEMA Offers to Airlift Desperate Puerto Ricans to MainlandIt’s the first time FEMA will attempt to establish an “air bridge” for disaster survivors stuck in shelters.
  31. select all
    What Happens to the Internet After a Disaster?How New York City is building local networks that will survive the next Sandy.
  32. Puerto Rican Power Authority Cancels Controversial Contract With WhitefishAfter the governor urged action.
  33. Statistics Can’t Capture the Horror of Hurricane Maria and Its AftermathThe death toll is much higher than the official number
  34. Officials Investigating $300 Million Contract to Restore Power in Puerto RicoThe company that got the job has ties to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.
  35. Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Crisis Has Only Just BegunThe failure to promptly restore the island’s electrical grid could kill far more people in the coming months than the storm itself did.
  36. Trump on Government’s Puerto Rico Response: ‘I’d Say It Was a 10’The American people, according to a recent poll, do not agree.
  37. Puerto Rico’s Governor Aims for 95-Percent Power Restoration by DecemberIt’s going to be a long few months for the island.
  38. Trump: Relief Workers Can’t Stay in Puerto Rico ForeverOne-third of the island lacks drinking water. Trump says the hurricane crisis is over.
  39. Why the White House Requested a $5 Billion Loan for Puerto RicoIt addresses the island’s looming “liquidity crisis,” and doesn’t mean it won’t receive disaster aid available to other American citizens.
  40. Puerto Rico Death Toll Rises to 45And it will likely go higher.
  41. Trump Eloquently Defends Throwing Paper Towels to Crowd of Puerto Ricans“The cheering was incredible.”
  42. How Organizations Are Fighting to Bring Relief to Puerto RicoDamaged roads, spotty phone service, supply shortages, and no internet are just some of the challenges.
  43. Trump Says ‘Puerto Rico’ Repeatedly in a Spanish AccentKeep the presidency weird.
  44. 9 Cringeworthy Trump Moments From Puerto Rico“Now I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack.”
  45. the national interest
    The Race-baiter As Kindly Monarch: Trumpism in Puerto RicoA disaster opens a new window into the president’s creepy worldview.
  46. Trump Says Puerto Rico’s Debt Must Be ‘Wiped Out,’ Doesn’t Explain What He MeansWhile touring the storm-ravaged island, he told Wall Street to “wave goodbye” to the billions it’s owed.
  47. Trump Tells Puerto Ricans They Didn’t Suffer a ‘Real Catastrophe’ Like KatrinaDuring a day trip to the island.
  48. CHIP Extension Dangerously Delayed Past Expiration DateWhat should have been a no-brainer is getting complicated and dangerous for the 9 million kids and pregnant women covered by CHIP.
  49. puerto rico
    Trump and White House Keep Up Attacks on San Juan MayorThe president continues to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico with defensiveness and insults.
  50. How Puerto Rico Struggled to Communicate After Hurricane MariaA different kind of powerlessness.
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