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    Customer Gets Stolen Puppy Back From Amazon Driver After Emailing Jeff BezosBezos said the driver in question will no longer be working with the company.
  2. Ted Cruz Says He Is Not ‘a Servile Puppy Dog’“I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,” Cruz told the Texas GOP delegation Thursday morning.
  3. extreme farming
    Thousands of Shepherds Storm Romanian Government“I was born among the sheep and we will cut lawmakers’ heads off.”
  4. puppies!!!!!!
    Break From Awfulness: Russia Gives France PuppyToday’s international news was surprisingly adorable.
  5. gallery
    Dogs With GoPros: What New York City Looks Like From a Pooch’s Point of ViewA photo experiment.
  6. puppies!!!!!!
    Behold the World’s New ‘Ugliest’ DogHe looks like the Tasmanian Devil.
  7. Is There an Amtrak Cat Café Car in Your Future?These legislators really want to bring their pets on the Acela Express.
  8. puppies!!!!!!
    The Snowstorm Led to the Rescue of a Lost PuppyThanks to a member of the FDNY. 
  9. puppies!!!!!!
    Sorry, But Pope Francis Did Not Exactly Say That All Dogs Go to HeavenOr any pets, necessarily.
  10. puppies!!!!!!
    Dog Rescued by Cops After Getting His Head Stuck Inside a Cat HouseHappens to the best of us.
  11. puppies!!!!!!
    Adorable Panhandling Pit Bull Is the New Squeegee ManEven the Post doesn’t mind.
  12. blog-stained wretches
    ‘Joey Blogs’ Out at Daily IntelligencerBye!
  13. puppies!!!!!!
    That Adorable Boston K-9 Puppy Is Really Growing Into His Police VestSoon he’ll officially be ready to fight some crime.
  14. puppies!!!!!!
    Here Is a Dog Dressed As Ira GlassWhat do you think he thinks of Shakespeare?
  15. puppies!!!!!!
    Here Are the Best Costumes From This Year’s Halloween Dog Parade You want to see these. 
  16. puppies!!!!!!
    Injured White House Dogs Cleared for DutyThe heroes America deserves.
  17. puppies!!!!!!
    Malaysian Dog-Petting Event Under FireThe man’s-best-friend stuff is not universal.
  18. puppies!!!!!!
    Breaking: ‘Tiny Loaf’ of a Puppy Found in Drug Dealer’s PocketShe was rescued and named Pocket, naturally.
  19. very sad things
    Spanish Ebola Nurse’s Dog Put DownDespite a popular petition to save its life.
  20. puppies!!!!!!
    Great Dane’s Surgery Reveals Belly Full of SocksHe ate 43.5 socks
  21. puppies!!!!!!
    UWS Building Won’t Let Dogs Walk in the Lobby Their owners are required to carry them.
  22. puppies!!!!!!
    Nice Doggy Probably Didn’t Mean to Set the House on Fire Same goes for the laptop.
  23. puppies!!!!!!
    Perfect Dog-Poop Signs on the Upper East SideAnother way to celebrate National Dog Day.
  24. puppies!!!!!!
    Adopt These Dogs Right Now or You’re a MonsterPlease click. Pictures of cute dogs inside.
  25. puppies!!!!!!
    The World Has a New ‘Ugliest’ DogHello Peanut!
  26. puppies!!!!!!
    Pope Says Choosing Pets Over Kids Makes Couples SadAt least after a lifetime of happiness.
  27. puppies!!!!!!
    Portraits of 9/11 Rescue Dogs Will Bring You to TearsGrab some Kleenex.
  28. puppies!!!!!!
    Dog Lost in Hurricane Sandy Miraculously Reunited With Owners 18 Months LaterThey saw a familiar face at a local animal shelter as they looked to adopt a new dog.  
  29. puppies!!!!!!
    Dog Ran Alongside Train From Bronx to ManhattanBecause the engineer is a dog person. 
  30. puppies!!!!!!
    Brooklyn Man Tattoos Dog, Sparks ChangeA New York politician wants to make it illegal now.
  31. puppies!!!!!!
    Dog Electrocuted by Sidewalk Grate We didn’t even know this could happen.
  32. puppies!!!!!!
    Wire Fox Terrier Named Sky Upsets More Popular Dogs to Win WestminsterBut they all looked really cute.
  33. Slideshow: Every Westminster Dog Is a FavoriteWho could choose?
  34. puppies!!!!!!
    Taliban’s Latest U.S. Hostage Is a Military Dog, Taliban SaysPoor thing.
  35. puppies!!!!!!
    Does My Dog — or Anyone Else — Really Need a Wearable Computer?The answer isn’t necessarily no …
  36. puppies!!!!!!
    Blind Man Who Fell on Subway Tracks Can Keep His Guide Dog As a PetOrlando is nearing retirement age.
  37. stand clear of the closing doors
    Blind Man and Guide Dog Survive Subway FallBecause dogs are amazing.
  38. puppies!!!!!!
    Here’s the 2013 White House Christmas Card, Featuring Pop-up PuppiesFrom Bo, Sunny, and the rest of the Obamas.
  39. puppies!!!!!!
    Dog Discovered Under Tornado Rubble After 30 Hours, ObviouslyA classic heartwarming moment. 
  40. puppies!!!!!!
    Blind Man and Guide Dog Kicked Off Flight; Other Passengers RevoltA heartwarming insurrection.
  41. puppies who hate banksy!!
    Life Imitates Banksy Art Imitating LifeJust look. 
  42. terrorist puppies!!
    Terrorist Dog Pees on Banksy 9/11 TributeAmazing photo. 
  43. very sad things
    Worst Girlfriend Ever Kills Boyfriend’s Puppies During FightMonster.
  44. Not All Park Slope Residents Taking Reports of Bully Cat Seriously“Patricia caught one neighbor mocking her with a ‘dramatic reading’ of her plea for help.”
  45. feline puppies!!
    What Cats Are Doing While Dogs Save LivesKnocking stuff over. 
  46. puppies that look like russian presidents!
    Three Theories on Why This Dog Looks Exactly Like Vladimir PutinExactly
  47. australian puppies!!
    Kangaroo vs. Dog: Nature’s Weirdest BattleThe kangaroo tries to drown the dog. 
  48. puppies that look like lions!!
    Chinese Zoo Tried to Pass Off Dog As Lion, FailedThe ruse was uncovered when the lion barked. 
  49. shipwrecked puppies!!
    Husband: Dog > WifeA man rescued his dog from a shipwreck … then his wife. 
  50. puppies!!!!!!
    Bloomberg’s Dogs Might Endorse a Candidate for MayorBut after the primary.
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