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  1. politics
    Eric Adams Says His Upcoming Trip to Qatar Is ‘On My Dime’The mayor is set to travel to Doha, Qatar, in preparation for New York City to serve as a host city for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.
  2. world cup
    The Five Most Dramatic Subplots Ahead of U.S.-IranAs the geopolitical foes square off in Qatar, there’s a lot hanging in the balance.
  3. world cup
    The Weirdest and Most Dramatic Moments at the World Cup So Far“We want beer!” is not a chant you hear at every tournament.
  4. world cup
    The Wrenching Moral Calculus of Watching the World CupQatar 2022 is rotten to the core, but ignoring the tournament is not realistic.
  5. global tech
    Kind Companion Robots Help Qatar’s Autistic Children SocializeResearchers at Qatar University in Doha are programming robots to make autistic children feel more comfortable around other people.
  6. Here’s More Evidence Broidy May Have Been Covering for Trump in Playmate AffairA bombshell AP report establishes that there was a highly suspicious meeting between the two men.
  7. Qatari Investor: Michael Cohen Asked Me for $1 MillionThen again, a mutual business partner of Steve Bannon and Ice Cube says this investor is a corrupt liar who ripped off their 3-on-3 basketball league.
  8. Qatar Refused to Invest in Kushner’s Firm. Then, He Backed a Blockade of Qatar.A new report suggests that Jared Kushner may have sabotaged America’s relationship with a core ally because it turned down his dad’s investment pitch.
  9. Bannon Speaks Out for the Forgotten People of the Saudi Royal FamilyThe right-wing populist advocates for the Saudi blockade of Qatar — while a company owned by his rich patron collects checks from the UAE government.
  10. The Fake News That Provoked a Crisis in the Middle EastWe now know the U.A.E. hacked Qatar’s news service and planted false information, ratcheting up regional tensions. What now?
  11. Report: UAE Orchestrated Qatar Feud by Spreading Fake NewsIn supporting the blockade of Qatar, the president appears to have fallen for a fraud perpetrated by hackers in the United Arab Emirates.
  12. Kushner Sought $500 Million Bailout From Top Qatari Investor: ReportAfter that deal fell through, the president’s son-in-law pushed for the U.S. to support the Saudis’ blockade of Qatar.
  13. Qatar Gets Slammed With List of Demands to Meet If It Wants Blockade to EndThe Saudi-led coalition wants the tiny Gulf state to cut off ties with Iran and close Al Jazeera, ultimatums Qatar isn’t likely to meet.
  14. contradictions
    U.S. Sells Billions in Arms to Qatar After Trump Calls It ‘Funder of Terrorism’The Qataris will buy about $12 billion in American-made F-15 fighter jets.
  15. U.S. Ambassador to Qatar Is Leaving Her Post During Gulf Diplomatic CrisisThe career Foreign Service officer is finishing her tour. But the timing couldn’t be worse as the region remains engulfed in crisis.
  16. just asking questions
    What the Hell Is Happening With Qatar?Trump may have helped provoke a dangerous escalation of tensions in the Persian Gulf.
  17. Trump Trashes Key U.S. Ally in Defiance of His Diplomats (Again)The administration was trying to reassure Qatar that it has America’s support, when Trump declared Doha a funder of terrorism at a “very high level.”
  18. international affairs
    Trump Backtracks From Attacks and Tries to Be Deal-maker in Qatari FeudBut so far he’s gotten nowhere.
  19. international intrigue
    At Least 5 Arab Nations Cut Diplomatic Ties With QatarSaudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, and Yemen stopped air and sea travel to and from Qatar, accusing the nation of supporting terrorism.
  20. feature
    ‘Do You Know How Your Daughter Died?’When Gloria Huang was declared dead in a Doha emergency room, her parents had no time to grieve before they were caught up in a legal nightmare.
  21. taliban
    The Taliban Is Getting an Official Office in QatarA “peace mission.”
  22. revolt like an egyptian
    Libyan Rape Victim Eman al-Obeidy Sent Back to LibyaBy Qatari officials.
  23. in other news
    Giuliani’s Terror Shame, Our Blog ShameSo we’ve been feeling guilty all week because we missed picking up on Wayne Barrett’s super-duper Village Voice report about Rudy Giuliani’s ties to Qatar, which in turn tie him to terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It was a big story that we even read but then got caught up in other things and didn’t end up covering it. And then today, Joe Conason at Salon.com totally called us out on it. Occasionally, as in the case of Rudolph Giuliani during this past week, the sudden appearance of not one but two juicy investigations overwhelms the system’s capacity to absorb and regurgitate. But when the nation’s news executives decided which of two highly embarrassing Giuliani stories to feature, nearly all of them made the wrong choice. While they lavished enormous attention upon a Politico story dealing with adultery and bureaucracy, they should be devoting at least as much time to yet another in the long series of Wayne Barrett scoops in the Village Voice, because this one involves business and terrorism. Conason is right. Barrett is a little obsessed and maybe does push pins into dolls of Giuliani every night, but his reporting is accurate, smart, and in this case, important. Conason even comes up with ten questions that reporters can ask Giuliani about his Qatar connections so they don’t have to read the whole Voice story. So readers, go read the article. And Conason, thanks for giving us a bloggily self-referential way to assuage our own guilt. Giuliani’s Terrorist Ties [Salon] Rudy’s Ties to a Terror Sheikh [VV]
  24. in other news
    ‘Journal’ Uncovers First Hidden Client of Giuliani Partners Today’s Wall Street Journal includes a well-researched story about the hush-hush client list of Giuliani Partners. So that’s what Giuliani was so tense about yesterday when reporters asked him who he’s been working with in the private sector. “All of the sudden, you are going to start jumping to conclusions about them when there are absolutely no suggestion they have done anything wrong?!” he shrieked at reporters in New Hampshire. Could it be he knew the Journal was asking questions about Giuliani Partners’ contracts with the government of Qatar, a U.S. ally that has a questionable track record in dealing with Al Qaeda? As the paper explains, that’s “a potential political pitfall for a candidate pitching himself as an uncompromising foe of Islamic terrorism.” In addition to his security firm’s government contract (which is with the state-owned Qatar Petroleum), his law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani, opened an office in Qatar’s capital, Doha, in June. So far that’s nothing too damning, but it’s certainly a visible dent in his hard line against Islamist militants. And more important, it’s sure to make Giuliani just that much shriller when he’s asked about his firm’s client lists in the future. We’re hoping we can get him up an entire octave! Qatar Contract Offers Glimpse Into Giuliani Firm [WSJ] Earlier: Giuliani Gets Prickly Over Client List Questions
  25. gossipmonger
    Danny Meyer Reviews His Critics, InhospitablyDanny Meyer doesn’t much appreciate the (mostly laudatory) reviews given to his restaurants by Frank Bruni et al, and lets them know it in his new book. Sean Lennon isn’t exactly a hit with the critics, either. Kevin Federline is trying to sell some amateur video footage to make some extra dough. (No, it’s not that kind of footage.) City Council speaker Christine Quinn cut the check-in line at JFK, and it angered her fellow passengers. Netscape founder James Clark’s divorce cost him $125 million; his new girlfriend won’t be nearly as fortunate. Media prankster Joey Skaggs is getting into the watch business. Katie Holmes couldn’t stick to Victoria Beckham’s recommended post-pregnancy diet of edamame, pretzels, sushi, and Diet Coke. John Krasinski loves David Foster Wallace. Dustin Hoffman makes sure that the hired help get to watch a screening of his movie. Leonardo DiCaprio is GQ’s Man of the Year. (GQ likes Lindsay Lohan, too). Arab royalty laughs at President Bush in Qatar, raises a lot of money for Asia. Former Hell’s Angel Chuck Zito — a.k.a. the guy who beat up Jean-Claude Van Damme — is launching his own radio talk show for men. You know, unlike all the other radio talk shows. A wealthy businessman was turned down by the co-op board at the Carlyle because he’s too much of a playboy. Know any unemployed grandmothers? The New Jersey Nets are hiring.