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    Bashar al-Assad ‘Elected’ to Third TermSyria’s president wins re-election, again. 
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    If You’re an American in Syria, Al Qaeda Has a Proposition for YouOfficials say they’re recruiting.
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    Plan to Remove Syria’s Chemical Weapons Hits a SnagTurns out transporting 600 tons of weapons is kind of dangerous.
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    Chemical Weapons Inspectors Miss Syria Deadline, Still Make Good ProgressThey can’t reach two sites.
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    Behind-the-Scenes Report Details How Obama Dragged His Feet on Syria“We spent so much damn time navel gazing,” says a former White House official.
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    The Destruction of Syria’s Chemical Weapons Has Begun“It’s a credit to the Assad regime, frankly,” said John Kerry.
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    U.N. Vote Requires Syria to Surrender Chemical Weapons or Else … SomethingA landmark agreement with no threat of force.
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    U.N. Reaches Syria Deal, Omits ConsequencesRussia would get another chance to veto a military strike.
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    Assad Claims Rebels Have Confessed to Using Chemical WeaponsThey gave the evidence to Russia.
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    Syrian Government Sees an Unwinnable War for Both SidesPlans to ask for a ceasefire.
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    Assad Calls the United States the ‘Greatest Country in the World’In an interview with Dennis Kucinich.
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    Obama’s Syria Strategy Just As Confusing As It Looked From the OutsideObama says he wasn’t looking for “style points.”
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    Assad Led Stephanopoulos on a Wild Goose ChaseBut he did manage to land an Obama interview.
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    U.S., Russia Reach Agreement on Syria’s WeaponsJohn Kerry and his Russian counterpart announced the deal on Saturday.
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    Syria Joins Weapons Treaty, Stashes Chemical Arms Across the CountryAssad is surprisingly demanding for a man in his position.
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    In Times Op-ed, Putin Urges ‘Caution’ in SyriaAn odd way to kick off negotiations.
  17. Read President Obama’s Speech on SyriaThe president’s remarks on the situation in Syria, from the White House.
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    Exclusive Text of President Obama’s Awkwardly Timed Syria SpeechObama will deliver these uncomfortable remarks from the Oval Office tonight. 
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    Syria Says It Will Give Up Chemical Weapons So U.S. Doesn’t Bomb [Updated]The White House remains very cautious, somewhat optimistic.
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    Most Americans Think Syria Used Chemical Weapons, Don’t Want to Get InvolvedAccording to the latest polls.
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    Obama Calls Russian Plan a ‘Breakthrough,’ Says Syria Is No Threat to the U.S.In interview with six networks.
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    John Kerry May Have Accidentally Stumbled Into a Syria Solution [Updated]He made an off-the-cuff proposal he thought Syria would never go for. Syria likes it. 
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    Eating Cheerios With Forks, and Other War AnalogiesWhat war with Syria will look like. 
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    Assad Laughs Off Chemical Weapons QuestionsThe Syrian president sat down with Charlie Rose.
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    Obama Wins a Bit More International Support on SyriaHis chances in Congress remain dubious.
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    Hillary Expected to Discuss Syria at the White HouseAri Fleischer’s dare actually worked.
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    Obama Still Losing on Syria Abroad, in CongressHe has a long way to go.
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    Senate’s Plan B: Make Assad Sign Chemical Weapons Ban, Or ElseWe’ll consider a strike again?
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    The House Is Very Skeptical on Syria So FarThe vote is not looking good for Obama.
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    Jon Stewart Does Not Recommend Getting Involved in the Middle EastHe would know.
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    Jon Stewart Thinks We’re Going to Bomb Syria for Obama’s PenisHe’s not a fan of this war. 
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    McCain Gets Bored With Syria Talk, Plays iPhone Poker During HearingHe responds, “Worst of all I lost.”
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    Hillary Clinton Supports Bombing Syria, TooThe former secretary of State chimed in.
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    The Pope Is Anti–Chemical WeaponsJust so you know. 
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    Forget Syria, What About Putin’s Stolen Super Bowl Ring?TMZ asks McCain the tough questions.
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    This Is Where Defense Department Employees Think Damascus IsGreece? India?
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    John Kerry Sure Made It Sound Like the U.S. Is Going to Bomb Syria [Updated]“It matters here if nothing is done.”
  38. Syria Is the Quintessential Obama WarIt’s neither realist nor idealist.
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    Times Analyzes 11-Year-Old Assad Son’s FacebookThe kid’s daring us to attack!
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    The U.K. Finally Found an American War It Doesn’t Like [Updated]It won’t help us bomb Syria. 
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    Syrian Insurgents Asked for Gas Masks, Obama Administration Declined“Thousands sit in Defense Department warehouses all over the region.”
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    Can You Locate the Place We’re About to Bomb on a Map?Try it!
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    Obama Hasn’t Made a Decision About Bombing SyriaAmerica has an interest in sending Assad a “pretty strong signal.”