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Quid Pro Quo

  1. impeachment
    What We Learned on Day Two of the Trump Impeachment TrialHouse Democrats got a chance to lay out their case without interruption, as Trump raged and senators schemed in the background.
  2. impeachment
    Lindsey Graham Won’t Read Impeachment Hearing Transcripts: ‘This Is All B.S.’What you refuse to learn can’t hurt you.
  3. impeachment
    Republicans Storm Closed Meeting, Demand Transparency for Stonewalling TrumpTrump’s allies want transparency from Congress, but not from him.
  4. 2012
    Investigation Into Obama Quid Pro Quo Gives Fund-raisers Handy BenchmarksA report details the plush gigs Obama offered top fund-raisers, just in time for the new campaign season.