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  1. royals
    Queen Elizabeth Was the First Monarch We Thought We KnewCrowned at the dawn of the TV age, she was defined by her distance as much as her ubiquity.
  2. trump family
    Ivana Trump Is Dead at 73New York City’s chief medical examiner has determined that her death was an accidental fall.
  3. rip
    American Journalist Brent Renaud Killed in UkraineThe award-winning filmmaker and another journalist came under fire in Irpin, along the front line between Russian and Ukrainian forces.
  4. obits
    Harry Reid and the Power of PersistenceReid’s unlikely climb to power and his record as Senate Democratic leader were a testament to his determined loyalty to his party and his state.
  5. rip
    Desmond Tutu, Human-Rights Activist, Dies at 90Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, President Obama, and more paid tribute to the South African icon on Sunday, December 26.
  6. politics
    RIP Bob Dole, Last of the Greatest Generation Presidential CandidatesDole was always a bit out of step with his party and his country, which may be considered a compliment now.
  7. politics
    Longtime Republican Lawmaker Bob Dole Dead at 98The former Senate majority leader, presidential candidate, and World War II veteran died in his sleep on Sunday.
  8. obits
    The Rascal Who Stopped the KlansmanEdwin Edwards went from the governor’s mansion to the penitentiary and back again, saving Louisiana from David Duke.
  9. rip
    Remembering Mike Gravel With the Kids Who Ran His CampaignA conversation with the erstwhile “Gravel teens” on the late senator whose strange presidential campaign they ran two years ago.
  10. rip
    The Obama Family’s First Dog, Bo, Has DiedThe Obamas’ beloved Portuguese water dog, who became a White House celebrity in his own right, was 12.
  11. ruth bader ginsburg
    RBG’s Death: Latest Updates on Reaction, Political AftermathThe enormous political ramifications are continuing to play out.
  12. rip
    Ross Perot Will Remain a Legend Among Foes of PartisanshipThe business executive, who died today at 89, ran fascinating presidential campaigns in ’92 and ’96, but they were very much a product of the time.
  13. obits
    Thad Cochran Was a Vestige of a Non-Racist Southern GOPThe late senator was one of the last representatives of a southern Republicanism that pre-dated the region’s racial realignment.
  14. rip
    Senator John McCain Dead at 81The iconic senator survived more than five years as a P.O.W. and more than three decades as a member of Congress.
  15. select all
    Rest in Peace, TinyLetterMailChimp is getting rid of its excellent newsletter service.
  16. rip
    S.I. Newhouse, Legendary Condé Nast Publisher, Dies at 89Another end of an era in publishing.
  17. rip
    Don’t Call 8 Because Cellino and Barnes May Be Splitting UpThe law firm behind the most memorable of jingles could break up, coincidentally, because of a lawsuit.
  18. select all
    Farewell, Gchat, Our Hot Gossip and Office Complaints Will Miss YeGoogle is officially forcing all users to switch to Hangouts. Rest easy, Gchat.
  19. Billionaire Philanthropist and Businessman David Rockefeller Dies at 101The last surviving grandson of John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil.
  20. select all
    BlackBerry’s Global Market Share Is Now 0.0 PercentThe CrackBerry is dead. Real dead.
  21. select all
    Fling App Founder Went from $21 Million to Throwing Baguettes in the OfficeThe social-media app was removed from the App Store by Apple in 2015 for spreading pornographic content.
  22. rip
    The Penn Station Amtrak Departures Board Goes DarkCrews began its removal Monday night.
  23. rip
    Dr. Henry Heimlich Dead at 96His famous anti-choking maneuver has saved an estimated 100,000 lives.
  24. rip
    John Glenn, Astronaut and Former U.S. Senator, Dies at 95He had recently been hospitalized.
  25. select all
    Could Paying Millions of Dollars to Creators Have Saved Vine?Last year, a group of Vine’s biggest stars asked for over $1 million each to keep creating content. Vine said no.
  26. select all
    How Vine Created a Culture and Lost Control of ItTwitter announced that it is discontinuing the six-second-video app.
  27. rip
    Miami Marlins Pitcher José Fernández Killed in Boating CrashThe 24-year-old ace was one of the best pitchers in baseball.
  28. Harambe
    Jill Stein Becomes the First Presidential Candidate to Court the Harambe VoteShe’s also losing to Harambe in Texas. #RIP
  29. r.i.p.
    A Bullfighter’s SacrificeMatador Victor Barrio, who was gored to death on Saturday in Spain, was one of the courageous few who still dream of being, and train to become, bullfighters in a modern world that rejects them.
  30. r.i.p.
    Author, Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel Has DiedHe devoted his life to keeping the memory of the Holocaust and its victims alive.
  31. r.i.p.
    Muhammad Ali, Legend In and Out of the Boxing Ring, Is Dead at 74He had been fighting Parkinson’s disease for decades. 
  32. r.i.p.
    4-Foot-Long Alligator Found Dead in New Jersey Park“We have never had a gator sighting in any of our county park’s waterways.”
  33. Scenes of Mourning at the Funeral for Slain NYPD Officer Randolph HolderThousands, including many fellow cops, paid their respects to the policeman killed in East Harlem last week.
  34. r.i.p.
    Kalief Browder, Teen Held at Rikers for 3 Years Without a Trial, Found DeadBrowder killed himself at his mother’s home on Saturday.
  35. Man’s Obituary Lists Final Wish: Don’t Vote for Hillary“Also, the family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. R.I.P. Grandaddy.”
  36. r.i.p.
    Here’s Bob Simon’s and David Carr’s Final Work 60 Minutes aired a report by Simon, and the New York Times published the final Media Equation column under Carr’s byline.
  37. r.i.p.
    The Collected Wisdom of David CarrThe beloved Times media reporter died suddenly on Thursday.
  38. r.i.p.
    New York Times Columnist David Carr Dead at 58He collapsed in the newsroom.
  39. r.i.p.
    60 Minutes Correspondent Bob Simon Killed in Manhattan Car CrashThe award-winning reporter was 73.
  40. r.i.p.
    Andrew Cuomo Remembers His Father As ‘Anything But a Typical Politician’“Mario Cuomo was the keynote speaker for our better angels.”
  41. r.i.p.
    Anthony Marshall Died Brooke Astor’s sticky-fingered son was 90 years old.
  42. r.i.p.
    Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry Dies at 78He was known as the capitol’s “Mayor for Life.”
  43. r.i.p.
    Porpoise F*cks Himself to DeathAn honorable way to go.
  44. r.i.p.
    NPR ‘Car Talk’ Co-Host Tom Magliozzi DiesHe passed away Monday owing to complications from Alzheimer’s.
  45. boston strong
    Longtime Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Dead at 71He left office earlier this year after two decades in charge.
  46. r.i.p.
    Man Dies As He Lived: Despising the Kardashians“He despised anything to do with the Kardashians.”
  47. deaths
    Bernie Madoff’s Other Son Has Died at 48The scandal, Andrew Madoff said last year, is “killing me slowly.”
  48. international intrigue
    The American Who Died Fighting Against Ukraine’s Pro-Russian RebelsMark Gregory Paslawsky was a 55-year-old West Point graduate.
  49. Obama’s Statement on Robin Williams’s Death Is Rarer Than You’d ThinkThe president’s praise for deceased celebrities is inconsistent.
  50. oh brooklyn
    RIP, BrooklyKnight, the Nets’ Terrible (and Terribly Creepy) Pun-Based MascotThe team has thankfully “decided to go in a different direction.”
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