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  1. Beware the Bipolar Rabbi Trying to Pull Over City Drivers“He was holding up this tiny badge.”
  2. catfish
    ‘NormalGentNYC’ Actually Rabbi Trying to Lure 14-Year-Old for SexCatfished by the NYPD.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Stolen Car Containing Stolen $30,000 Torah Found UntouchedA rabbi in a hurry did not hide his keys well.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Big-Shot Rabbi Might Have Been Robbed of Millions by Sleazy PR Guy and PalThis story includes both missing money and Wikipedia tampering.
  5. the gods must be crazy
    Long Island Rabbi Busted by Ex-Wife for Hiring Prostitutes on the Sabbath“Since when are prostitutes kosher?”
  6. stupid crime of the day
    The Old ‘I Was Asleep While I Was Fondling a Stranger on an Airplane’ Excuse Never FliesEspecially if YOU’RE A RABBI.
  7. stupid crime of the day
    Leib Glanz Is Our New Favorite Sketchy RabbiThe fun never stops with this guy.
  8. tough jews
    Now in Training: Rambo Rabbis“Jews are not like Christians. If I turn my cheek, I’m coming around to make a kick.”
  9. in the magazine
    Cops Catch Up With Brooklyn Rabbi Rabbi Joel Yehuda Kolko was arrested yesterday in Brooklyn and charged with child sexual abuse. Back in May, New York’s Robert Kolker detailed allegations against the rabbi that went back at least two decades, noting that the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office would often defer to Orthodox authorities instead of investigating complaints. But David Framowitz, a former student of Kolko’s, sued the rabbi and his Flatbush yeshiva for $20 million in federal court in May. Kolko now faces other civil suits filed by adults who claim they, too, were abused. “The bottom line is that abuse is a universal issue that closed communities hide because it threatens them,” one former Lubavitcher who said he was abused told Kolker. “Whether it’s Jewish or Amish or Mennonite or Catholic or Muslim, it doesn’t make a difference.” On the Rabbi’s Knee [NYM] Sex-Rap Rabbi is Busted in Brooklyn [NYDN]