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Rachel Mitchell

  1. the kavanaugh hearings
    Rachel Mitchell’s Kavanaugh Report Just Tells Republicans What They Want to HearThe report on her questioning of Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh reads like the work of a GOP operative, not a serious sex-crimes prosecutor.
  2. the kavanaugh hearings
    In Memo, Outside Prosecutor Pokes Holes in Christine Blasey Ford’s TestimonyRachel Mitchell told GOP Senators that no “reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
  3. the kavanaugh confirmation
    Chuck Grassley’s Handling of the Ford Hearing Is an Ongoing DisasterIn the high drama of this moment, the 85-year-old farmer is overmatched.
  4. the kavanaugh hearings
    GOP Hires Arizona Sex Crimes Prosecutor to Question Kavanaugh and FordUnlike the 11 Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, she’s a woman.