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Racial Gaffes

  1. racial gaffes
    Alaska Congressman Casually Mentions ‘Wetbacks’ Picking TomatoesThere’s the changing face of the GOP, and then there’s Don Young.
  2. racial gaffes
    Sununu: Powell Endorsed Obama Because He’s BlackIt’s hard to misunderstand this gaffe.
  3. racial gaffes
    NBC Cafeteria Honors Black History MonthWith fried chicken and collard greens!
  4. bons mots
    Al Qaeda Joins the ‘Obama Is a House Negro’ ClubWe wonder whether Ralph Nader has taught them the secret handshake yet.
  5. racial gaffes
    GE Flacks Take to Jossip Comment Board to Dispute Jeff Immelt Racism KerfuffleDid Immelt say he was only comfortable around white men and women? We’ll never know, because nobody is addressing this seriously.