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  1. michael cohen testimony
    Republican Outraged When Congresswoman Calls His Trump Defense RacistAt Michael Cohen’s hearing, Mark Meadows and Rashida Tlaib argued over whether his effort to show Trump isn’t racist was “racist in itself.”
  2. Richard Spencer’s Domestic Press ConferenceSpeaking to the media from the suburban D.C. apartment he calls an office, the white nationalist had some thoughts on the White House.
  3. Trump Should Emulate Buckley and Tell Racists: ‘I Don’t Want Your Vote’More than words are needed to absolve the GOP and Donald Trump of collaborating with racists. But very direct words are essential as well.
  4. School Board Demands Resignation of Racist Trump AllyAmong other things, Carl Paladino said he wished that Michelle Obama would “go live comfortably in a cave” with a gorilla.