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  1. epa
    EPA: Actually, a Little Radiation Might Be Good For YouThe Trump administration is moving to weaken rules related to radiation exposure.
  2. japan
    Japan Makes It Illegal to Enter Evacuation Zone Around Nuclear PlantAt least 60 families were still living in the zone.
  3. japan
    Japan Approves Plan to Dump Radioactive Water in the Sea11,500 tons of water with 100 times the regulatory levels of radioactive iodine.
  4. meltdown
    Japan’s Radioactive Water Leaking Into the Pacific [Updated]From a crack at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
  5. japan
    Radioactive Water at Fukushima Plant Could Soon Leak Into OceanContamination is spreading farther away from the plant.
  6. meltdown
    Radiation Found in Japanese Spinach and MilkMeanwhile, airborne radiation levels around Japan have shown no signs of spiking drastically.
  7. it just happened
    Indian Point Reports Fire, But No Leak After a fire in the transformer yard at Indian Point nuclear plant in Westchester, Reactor No. 3 was shut down late this morning. The fire was extinguished by Indian Point staff, and officials don’t believe any radioactive material was released. No problem for now (so they say!), but we were reminded of the magazine’s handy 2005 guide to “When Bad Things Happen.” In short, let’s hope the winds are blowing north today. And pick up some potassium iodide on the way home. Just in case. Transformer Yard Fire Prompts Shutdown of Indian Point 3 [The Journal News] When Bad Things Happen [NYM]