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  1. trumped!
    Donald Trump and Rahm Emanuel Fighting Over a Matter of TasteA downtown Chicago skyscraper currently sports a Trump stamp. 
  2. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel Badly Wants to Start a Feud With NYCMeh.
  3. the future is coming
    What Do Rahm Emanuel, Vice Magazine, and Sean Parker Have in Common?A boutique bank called Raine.
  4. rahmbo
    Revealed! The Guy Who Made a Fake Rahm Emanuel Twitter FeedBig surprise, he’s a punk rocker.
  5. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel Wins Chicago Mayoral Race [Updated]Without even a runoff!
  6. rahmbo
    Rahm Emmanuel Thinks He Can Fix ChicagoAnd he’ll probably get the chance to try.
  7. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel Will Donate Money to Charity If His Twitter Impersonator Comes ForwardThen he will probably have him kneecapped.
  8. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel Makes It Onto the Ballot, for NowThe decision was immediately challenged.
  9. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel One Step Closer to Ruling ChicagoHis residency battle is going his way.
  10. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel Has a Times Vending Machine in His Crawl SpaceA very special one, at that.
  11. rahmbo
    The Rahmfather Makes an Offer Chicagoans Can’t RefuseIf they know what’s good for them.
  12. rahmbo
    Rahmbo Officially Announces Mayoral Run, Taps a Campaign Manager“I want to hear from you in blunt, Chicago terms.”
  13. rahmbo
    White House Staff Presents Rahm Emanuel With Dead Fish Upon Departure“In Chicago,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs later explained to the press corps, “this is how friends say goodbye.”
  14. rahmbo
    ‘I Walked Into the Briefing Today, Birds Up, and Said “Hey Sn@*ch-Warblers, You’ve Only Got One Day Left With This Bitch.” It’s Official.’@MayorEmanuel, our new favorite fake Twitter account.
  15. rahmbo
    It’s Official: Rahm Emanuel’s Out, Pete Rouse Is InThe end of an era.
  16. rahmbo
    Renters Refuse to Leave Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago HomeEmanuel’s attempts to persuade were unsuccessful.
  17. rahmbo
    This Week May Be Rahm Emanuel’s Last As Chief of StaffAnnouncement could be coming Friday.
  18. rahmbo
    Obama Uses Sophisticated Parenting Techniques to Get Rahm Emanuel to StayI trust you to make the right decision.
  19. rahmbo
    Naked Rahm Emanuel to Soon Start Intimidating Pols in Chicago Locker Rooms?Richard Daley is stepping down as mayor of Chicago, leaving the post open to a run by the chief of staff.
  20. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel to Quit in ‘Six to Eight Months,’ Says ReportHe’ll likely “go after midterms,” according to “leading Democratic” source.
  21. rahm emanuel
    Rahm Emanuel Won’t Let an Oil Spill Go to WasteThe oil spill is getting partisan. Of course.
  22. don’t tell the daleys
    Rahm Emanuel: Being Mayor of Chicago ‘Will Be Something I’ll Do’It’s simple, really.
  23. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel Graphically Describes Finger Slicing for Katie Couric“I hope nobody had lunch here,” Emanuel warns.
  24. rahmbo
    How to Write a Rahm Emanuel ProfileWe’re noticing that certain things pretty much have to be included in most any Rahm Emanuel profile.
  25. rahmbo
    The Washington Post Still Thinks Rahm Emanuel Is Doing GreatThe paper has been tirelessly defending Obama’s chief of staff for weeks now.
  26. rahmbo
    Rahm Emanuel Is a ManThe manliest of men.