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  1. terrorble
    Twelve Suspects Arrested in England on Suspicion of a Terrorist AttackA different kind of war on Christmas.
  2. odd juxtapositions
    Police Prevent Hipsters From Breaking Each Other’s Faces/Helping the ChildrenNYPD raids a charity event.
  3. FBI Raids Three Hedge-Fund OfficesAnd more could be on the way.
  4. early and often
    Arizona Sheriff With a Fondness for Racial Profiling: ‘I’m a Poster Boy on This Issue.’Anti-immigrant rhetoric is a vote-getter.
  5. militias
    Are the Members of the Michigan Militia Terrorists?Why aren’t we calling them what they seem so obviously to be?
  6. raids
    Midwest Raids Could Be Tied to Christian Militia GroupFBI arrested at least seven people over the weekend.