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  1. the good ship galleon
    Rajat Gupta Headed to Prison for Two Years Instead of AfricaThe convicted insider trader had instead requested a trip to Rwanda.
  2. the summer of scandal
    Wall Street’s Summer of ScandalA three-month financial circus, with a rotating cast of clowns.
  3. the good ship galleon
    Goldman-Rajaratnam Connections SurfaceChunky’s the name, sending info to clients is the game.
  4. business
    Goldman’s Gupta Headache ContinuesThe bank is stuck paying his legal fees.
  5. business
    How the ‘Good Guy’ Defense Failed Rajat GuptaFor Wall Street wrongdoers, it’s not enough to be a mensch.
  6. business
    Rajat Gupta, Corporate Chieftain, Convicted of Insider Trading [Updated]It’s the government’s biggest get yet.
  7. business
    Actually, Rajat Gupta Won’t Be Testifying at His Trial This is after his lawyer said it was “highly likely.”
  8. lloyd on the stand
    Lloyd Blankfein Plays DefenseAccording to Blankfein, they’re just cuff links. (Right.)
  9. business
    Why the Rajat Gupta Trial Is a Big DealThe biggest insider-trading trial since Ivan Boesky is a primer on Wall Street morality.
  10. trials
    Rajat Gupta Wasn’t the Only Alleged Cheater at Goldman SachsAnother Goldman trader was supposedly giving out insider info too.
  11. trials
    Rajat Gupta Was on Raj Rajaratnam’s Important People ListTestimony started today in the insider-trading trial.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rajat Gupta’s Famous Friends Speak Up As Trial StartsDeepak Chopra to the rescue.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rajat Gupta Hit With a Few Additional ChargesThe former Goldman Sachs board member accused of insider trading now faces even more allegations.
  14. good ship galleon
    Rajat Gupta Will Face Criminal Charges for Insider Trading [Updated]He is expected to turn himself in over his role in the Galleon case.
  15. careless whispers
    Raj Gupta Was Merely Trying to Fulfill His Destiny As a Billionaire EagleWhen Raj Rajaratnam gave him the chicken flu.
  16. good ship galleon
    What We’ve Learned About Wall Street From Watching the Raj Rajaratnam TrialWe learned it from watching you, Raj!
  17. lloyd of our lives
    Breaking! Breaking! Lloyd Blankfein Takes the Stand in Galleon TrialLloyd had some stipulations, of course.
  18. good ship galleon
    Rajat Gupta Will Not Settle for Anything Less Than His Very Own Trial By JuryAdministrative hearings are not baller.
  19. good ship galleon
    Wiretaps Showcase the Rajaratnam Brothers’ Bitchy SidesRrrroawr!
  20. raj raj raj
    SEC’s Insider Trading Charges Against Rajat Gupta Are a Sign of Its Newfound PowerOn the other hand, Gupta won’t face a jury and is subject to smaller fines.
  21. raj raj raj
    Goldman Board Member Rajat Gupta Could Not Wait to Do Some Insider TradingAllegedly!