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  1. today in donald trump
    15-Year-Old Girl Groped, Pepper-Sprayed in Face at Trump RallyShe reportedly received medical treatment.
  2. gallery
    Scenes From a Packed Donald Trump Rally at a New Hampshire High SchoolAbout 2,000 people came to see the “celebrity of the Republican Party.”
  3. rallies
    Cuomo Effigy and Donald Trump on Display at Pro-Gun Rally in AlbanyThe event has reportedly drawn “thousands.”
  4. number crunching
    Beck’s D.C. Rally Drew More Than Those of Liberal Groups, According to ReportsOrganizers of Saturday’s event estimate crowd of 175,000.
  5. rallies
    Liberal Groups Plan March on WashingtonOver 300 organizations to rally in D.C. this Saturday.
  6. in other news
    Fox News Just Can’t Get That Crowd Footage RightThis time, it’s Sarah Palin’s crowd that appears larger than it really is.
  7. hate crimes
    Anti-Hate Crime Rally in Queens Draws HundredsIncluding supporters of the alleged attackers, who appear to be part of some kind of anti-gay gang.
  8. word association
    Republican Crowds Getting a Little NutsMcCain and Palin rallies are turning into a sinister form of ‘$20,000 Pyramid.’