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Ralph Reed

  1. voting rights
    Churchy Republicans Attack ‘Souls to the Polls’A crackdown on Sunday voting is one of the more hypocritical of the voting-suppression methods pursued by Georgia’s Christian right.
  2. christian right
    Fighting Impeachment As Spiritual WarfareThe Christian Right is more invested in Trump’s survival — beyond an impeachment trial and the next election — than ever.
  3. the kavanaugh confirmation
    Christian Right Leaders Want Senate to Ignore Assault Charges Against KavanaughConservative Evangelicals like Ralph Reed and Franklin Graham want their SCOTUS justice even if he hasn’t been cleared of attempted rape charges.
  4. Trump Not Very Christian About RefugeesTrump stayed on his own familiar turf at a Faith and Freedom Coalition event today. Sad to say, that included the kind of refugee-bashing that Jesus condemned pretty categorically.
  5. Ralph Reed Is Already Planning New Anti-Gay-Marriage Laws“I would caution the Democrats and the gay-rights movement against excessive celebration given the limited nature of both of these rulings.”
  6. republican national convention
    Limo Debates With the American Crossroads BossTalking energy deregulation in the back of a car with two right-wing heavy hitters in Tampa.
  7. Ralph Reed on Robocalls, Mormons, and Koch “Have you ever looked at some of the things we believe?”