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    New Toilet Offered to Senator Rand Paul“Perhaps it will change his life like it has changed mine.”
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    Rand Paul Is Just Against All Federal Laws NowHe’s the only senator to vote against a law that would criminalize pointing lasers at cockpits.
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    Rand Paul’s Democratic Opponent Attacks Him for Anti-Christian HistoryJack Conway’s new line is a reminder that there aren’t many atheist swing voters in Kentucky.
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    Rand Paul’s College Buddies Have Fond Memories of Their Heathen Years“Randy smoked pot, he made fun of Baptists, none of us ever heard him pontificating about religion.”
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    Rand Paul Might Want to Outlaw Intern SexNow you have gone too far.
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    Rand Paul’s Prank Victim Clarifies That She Wasn’t ‘Kidnapped’She went along with it, but she stopped being friends with Paul afterward.
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    Rand Paul Still Having Trouble Denying Aqua Buddha StoryHe didn’t “kidnap” anyone, but he can’t be expected to remember EVERYTHING.
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    Rand Paul Smoked Some Insane Weed Back in the DayThe story of how he kidnapped a college coed and tried to make her smoke with him.
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    Rand Paul Will ‘Never’ Answer Questions About Made-up Ophthalmology CertificationCome on, media, stop asking ridiculous questions.