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  1. Ben Carson Is Praying for Donald TrumpAfter Trump likened him to a child molester, Dr. Carson turns the other cheek.
  2. S.C. State Senator Rants About Gay Marriage “The devil is taking control of this land!”
  3. jerks
    Video: Drunk Guy Says Father Owns Half of NYCNo one looks great here.
  4. Why Can’t NBC Stop Spoiling Olympics Results?Online is as bad as on TV.
  5. rants
    Delia Ephron Cannot Stand How Blue Citi Bikes AreBlue meanies.
  6. Alec Baldwin’s Latest Tabloid Twitter Rant Turns HomophobicHe’s mad about a Daily Mail article.
  7. early and annoying
    Senators Are Sad They Have to WorkThere is not.
  8. jews
    Detroit Tiger Delmon Young on Restricted ListThe Thursday night incident has the potential to void his $6.7 million contract. 
  9. fi-cri fallout
    Nicolas Sarkozy Has Had It With Jamie Dimon’s Mouth“There is an ocean between flexibility and the scandal we saw.”
  10. rants
    Arianna Huffington Calls for Joe Biden’s Resignation, SortaLady with website calls for Vice Prez to step down on principle.
  11. school daze
    Can We Talk About the New York Times’ Obsession With Harvard?Just for a minute.
  12. and another thing!
    Peter King Wants Michael Jackson to Get Off His LawnThe Long Island congressman has heard enough about this child-molesting pervert pedophile fellow with his rock music and his crotch thrusts.
  13. travesties
    How Can Artist Possibly Make Art Without Gold Bars?!?!We have a suggestion for artist Chris Burden, whose installation is stymied by missing gold bricks.
  14. the greatest depression
    Rick Santelli Calls for Revolution“All you capitalists that want to come up to Chicago, I’m gonna start organizing.”
  15. rants
    Five Things Moe Tkacik Is Sick of Hearing on CNBCSince being laid off, writer Moe Tkacik has had all the time in the world to wallow in coverage of the economic crisis. And there are a few things that are pissing her off.
  16. intel
    Where Is New York’s Worst Smell?Summertime means smelly time in this town! Let us know what places we should be avoiding as the heat climbs to the hundreds.
  17. in other news
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Might Get Married AgainWe’ve been told about impending Beyoncé-Jay-Z nuptials so many times, their wedding has become like an urban legend.